About Holes

Holes by Graham Allen is a digital poem which presents a new approach to autobiographical writing. Holes is a ten syllable one line per day poem which offers something less and something more than a window on the author’s life. Composition of Holes began on December 23rd, 2006. Holes is a poetic vehicle for the exploration of chance, meaning, juxtaposition and language.

About the Author

Graham AllenGraham Allen is Professor at University College Cork, Ireland. His books include Harold Bloom: Towards a Poetics of Conflict (1994); Intertextuality (2000 and 2011); Roland Barthes (2003); The Salt Companion to Harold Bloom, co-editor with Roy Sellars (2007); Mary Shelley (2008) and The Reader’s Guide to Frankenstein (2008). His work has been translated into Japanese, Korean, and Persian.

Graham’s first collection of poetry, The One That Got Away, was shortlisted for the 2015 Shine/Strong Award. His poems have previously been published in Southword; Other Poetry; The Stinging Fly; The Rialto; Poetry Ireland Review; Revival; La Questione Romantica; The Shop; Theory and Event; Cultural Politics; Transmission Annual; Cyphers. His texts for stage have been performed by Gatekrash Theatre Company at the Stack Theatre, Cork School of Music, at the Comedy Club, Cork, and at the Cork Midsummer Festival in 2008. He was the winner of the Listowel Single Poem Prize in 2010.

About the Project

Holes is produced and published by James O’Sullivan, the Founding Editor of New Binary Press, as well as a scholar, publisher, and writer. More information on James and his interests can be found at josullivan.org.

Papers, Publications and Readings

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The first year of Holes was published as “365 Holes” in Theory & Event 12.1, 2009.

“Holes” (reading with Clare Connors, Forbes Morlock and Sarah Wood) to Forty Years of Structure, Sign and Play: Critical Method in the Humanities and Sciences conference, University of Singapore, Apr 2007.


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