Order The One That Got Away, by Graham Allen
Go to December 23rd, 2006, the first line of Holes
2017-01-15Serial killer brains, stock exchange suits.
2017-01-14Gulliver’s Travels now makes perfect sense.
2017-01-13Repetition is the glue that binds us.
2017-01-12Snow is the year making its first statement.
2017-01-11Send them out Graham, let them fly away.
2017-01-10Something happened on the day that he died.
2017-01-09The thrill of discovery has left us.
2017-01-08Happy birthday David, we all miss you.
2017-01-07Blippi is the spawn of Beelzebub.
2017-01-06Bloated public sector bed shortages.
2017-01-05William Blake and the theme of lost sons.
2017-01-04The only Light in the world is Reason.
2017-01-03You can’t appropriate Judaism.
2017-01-02You cannot protect yourself from regret.
2017-01-01That was a decade in my reckoning.
2016-12-31Write about gossip, read Frank O’Hara.
2016-12-30New Year’s resolution, be less vatic.
2016-12-29President Trump treats objects like women.
2016-12-28What is a bed for if you cannot sleep.
2016-12-27You are a book with some pages missing.
2016-12-26Vera Rubin you have made us richer.
2016-12-25Without the between there is no knowledge.
2016-12-24Lawrence M. Krauss does not love poetry.
2016-12-23Thank you for reading, we're still on the ride.
2016-12-22Intelligent people have fewer friends.
2016-12-21Leonard Cohen has woken from his sleep.
2016-12-20Nature knows nothing of ex nihilo.
2016-12-19Sort out your politics then speak to me.
2016-12-18I am only now beginning to speak.
2016-12-17Maybe none the wiser but happier.
2016-12-16This time next week I will be ten years old.
2016-12-15You are the editor of my conscience.
2016-12-14Stansted airport, shopper’s purgatory.
2016-12-13Bob, where are the pricks that shouted Judas?
2016-12-12Hitler said, make Germany great again.
2016-12-11We sell death to Saudi Arabia.
2016-12-10I refuse to live in a post fact world.
2016-12-09On no account send out a search party.
2016-12-08Saveable lines from unsaveable texts.
2016-12-07We learned to get drunk on our own stories.
2016-12-06A minor talent, much praised, little loved.
2016-12-05Let me explain, text is not evidence.
2016-12-04They gave me poison when I was a child.
2016-12-03Husky poet talks about not dying.
2016-12-02Waving from a bus I know will be late.
2016-12-01Women and children reduced to rubble.
2016-11-30Written in mourning for those that don’t fit.
2016-11-29Listen, chocolate is not fattening!
2016-11-28Donald, I’m glad I lost my sense of smell.
2016-11-27Fidel your enemy has lost its mind.
2016-11-26Fidel have you left us in disbelief.
2016-11-25Fraternity is a troubled device.
2016-11-24Thanksgiving was always a compromise.
2016-11-23Assad bombs his people into freedom.
2016-11-22Aleppo’s children have darkened the sky.
2016-11-21I always refuse the five word challenge.
2016-11-20I will modernise the shaking palsy.
2016-11-19Science humbles but religion inflates.
2016-11-18Radio makes my whole body tremble.
2016-11-17Trump’s finger paused over the red button.
2016-11-16Civilisation is measured in nukes.
2016-11-15United States of Alienation.
2016-11-14Imaginary country with real bombs.
2016-11-13Think about it lads! where do leaks come from?
2016-11-12If we moved to the left we could protest.
2016-11-11If we were braver we'd not be losing.
2016-11-10Russian people under Putin say snap.
2016-11-09And good friends said goodbye to each other.
2016-11-08For me there’s no special relationship.
2016-11-07Some days I wish that I was a plumber.
2016-11-06All thought reduces to a few straight lines.
2016-11-05You are only ever in the middle.
2016-11-04Brexit shot down by three toffs wearing wigs.
2016-11-03I take my cues from anything at all.
2016-11-02If he wins will they bring back Trumpington?
2016-11-01Why not put Peppa Pig on prescription?
2016-10-31Send Hillary an email, cheer her up.
2016-10-30Are you into jazz? No, I’m sober now
2016-10-29Got those I can’t get no dopamine blues.
2016-10-28Find a teacher and give them a big hug.
2016-10-27What Ireland needs is a General Strike.
2016-10-26Repeal the 8th. Repeal the 8th. Repeal!
2016-10-25This is the year when the fools take control.
2016-10-24Brexit? A snail that’s lost the will to live.
2016-10-23We are learning the joy of kicking leaves
2016-10-22I’m so forgetful I forgot myself.
2016-10-21I checked to see if I was still at home.
2016-10-20Venus, Saturn and Mars, lined up like beads.
2016-10-19Turn off the telly and look at the stars.
2016-10-18Donald is an answer in a pub quiz.
2016-10-17Donald is a monster beyond fiction.
2016-10-16Space is a fold, a hole, and a pocket.
2016-10-15Eternity is beyond becoming.
2016-10-14Bobby got a prize for being himself.
2016-10-13Nothing that is human is on its own.
2016-10-12Tessie is going to do it her way.
2016-10-11Think about it, what does the monster want?
2016-10-10The windows of the shop are being shut.
2016-10-09My stomach is now past its sell by date
2016-10-08How do you promote a rotten borough?
2016-10-07Holding hands shouldn’t be this difficult.
2016-10-06Your career is an outdated idea.
2016-10-05Ireland has more money, but not for us.
2016-10-04Donald Trump has executed Santa.
2016-10-03This is a very comfortable prison.
2016-10-02There's magnets under the Kerry mountains.
2016-10-01This Repeal boy admires Repeal girls.
2016-09-30What Ireland needs is a General Strike.
2016-09-29I am on the apron of your conscience.
2016-09-28Syria is burning, football is news.
2016-09-27The roof, the doors, the wheels, all fallen off.
2016-09-26Moderately severely hard of what? ....
2016-09-25There’s a spectre that’s haunting Westminster.
2016-09-24The universe has a corner in you.
2016-09-23... you want experience not commitment ...
2016-09-22Speak up! Speak out! Be bold! Be very bold!
2016-09-21Secrets are like dry rot, they wreck the house.
2016-09-20I turn brown if I think about the sun.
2016-09-19I’m being eaten by tiny monsters
2016-09-18And this is what we will have to defeat
2016-09-17Too many poets not enough mikes.
2016-09-16Now I know what it means to be fifty.
2016-09-15Proxima B is too close to its sun.
2016-09-14There’s a gap in the middle of my week.
2016-09-13I woke one day and found I had readers.
2016-09-12The music in my film has also changed.
2016-09-11Open eyes stare mutely at the abyss.
2016-09-10Blind eyes never witnessed a miracle.
2016-09-09Is that umbrella big enough for you.
2016-09-08Urania returns on an iPhone.
2016-09-07I do not trust those who live without stars.
2016-09-06The bus you’re searching for doesn’t exist.
2016-09-05I cannot save any of my data.
2016-09-04We must swerve from the violence of speech
2016-09-03Irish health runs on oxygen and tears.
2016-09-02Ireland is addicted to its own pain.
2016-09-01Do we never get a holiday here.
2016-08-31Thank God this has no backing vocalists.
2016-08-30Time is a plastic you cannot command.
2016-08-29We’re back again in the days of the bus.
2016-08-28Some days refuse to give up their secrets.
2016-08-27How many snaps of David do you need?
2016-08-26One day we will make a world of our talk.
2016-08-25Henceforth our subject will be the future.
2016-08-24Someday shaking will be my signature.
2016-08-23We calculated this one wouldn’t count.
2016-08-22Galway is a place with many corners.
2016-08-21A stone placed on a slab is not a hole.
2016-08-20The man who fell to earth has hurt his wings.
2016-08-19Sleep has left me like a dying planet.
2016-08-18Romantic descendant of bardic spite.
2016-08-17Stand against the mythology of once.
2016-08-16On hyperventilation avenue.
2016-08-15Household monsters cleaning up the shadows.
2016-08-14You are my Olympic swimming pool heat.
2016-08-13Pull me up into the loop of your dreams.
2016-08-12Fast forward is a mockery of life
2016-08-11Oceans of blue and black flapping plastic.
2016-08-10The courage that exists in the jungle
2016-08-09The ocean swallows the powder mountains.
2016-08-08My mind is as empty as a sink hole.
2016-08-07Go down to the quarry and look at trucks
2016-08-06Europe is either refuge or prison.
2016-08-05If you weren’t broken you would be something.
2016-08-04How I wrote the song "How I Lost My Voice".
2016-08-03Tell me something about what you’ve not seen.
2016-08-02You are hardly the man who fell to Earth.
2016-08-01They used to sing songs about the future.
2016-07-31Come over to Cork, there will be more light.
2016-07-30The image is a SteadyCam cosmos.
2016-07-29He said one day all the visions will end.
2016-07-28If there’s a heaven they’ll leave me alone.
2016-07-27Herman Kahn came to me in a vision.
2016-07-26I am no longer holding up the world.
2016-07-25Rhetorical irrationalism.
2016-07-24The road winds round and the mountains retreat.
2016-07-23Blue Whales do not fit inside your pocket.
2016-07-22Barack updates nuclear stocks for Trump.
2016-07-21Ever heard about fallout Tessie Mae?
2016-07-20Theresa May’s face is a mushroom cloud.
2016-07-19Hit a city and add another nought.
2016-07-18100,000 dead and you’d still sleep?
2016-07-17Why not use your brain, it’s smarter than you.
2016-07-16Terror has grown a terrible aura.
2016-07-15Give me a straw hat and call me Denzil.
2016-07-14We want to own all the stones in the world.
2016-07-13White man’s America is collapsing.
2016-07-12Your planner says tomorrow is cancelled.
2016-07-11You have no events scheduled for today.
2016-07-10Imitation, impersonation, truth.
2016-07-09I am almost in love with my disease.
2016-07-08Tory women rob the poor with a smile.
2016-07-07Let's all hope for alien invasion.
2016-07-06My message to the world is RUN AWAY,
2016-07-05If I googled yesterday did I gig?
2016-07-04The bastard imagines himself St George.
2016-07-03Cut out the Blairite malignant cancer.
2016-07-02Geoffrey you have mourned us all already.
2016-07-01Occasional pool of fetid water.
2016-06-30Abandoned ghost ship of mournful shadows.
2016-06-29Self-loathing hump of hot indignation.
2016-06-28Bewildered island of non-entity.
2016-06-27Nigel actually thinks he’s Oswald.
2016-06-26In summer the sun goes on holiday.
2016-06-25This shall be the day of voter remorse.
2016-06-24I am sick of that hairy scarecrow schmuck.
2016-06-23If you vote with your gut your brain gets hurt.
2016-06-22Plato is looking down and chuckling.
2016-06-21In my cartoon life I am not at work.
2016-06-20The State does not learn from referenda.
2016-06-19Imagine those thugs and the gates all shut!
2016-06-18We’re impressionable, that’s our problem.
2016-06-17Because she was exceptional she died.
2016-06-16He was a man for congratulations.
2016-06-15Nuclear tipped America can’t preach.
2016-06-14The enforcement of liberty enslaves.
2016-06-13The man with the sad eyes renovates death.
2016-06-12I am the fossil of my childhood dreams.
2016-06-11Racist football thugs are so pathetic.
2016-06-10I will hang you out to dry you fucker!
2016-06-09Exit is a metaphor you moron.
2016-06-08Hell is your uninterrupted chatter.
2016-06-07I love codas .... is that a sin? .... or not?
2016-06-06To imagine is not irrational.
2016-06-05I don’t know what to say about the man.
2016-06-04So many people blinded by their phones.
2016-06-03My health left me when happiness arrived.
2016-06-02There is nothing splendid in solitude.
2016-06-01This is a story that fills me with tears.
2016-05-31Nuclear weapons are not smart, dumb arse!
2016-05-30All rocks are metonymies of the Earth.
2016-05-29Jerusalem and Athens are nothing.
2016-05-28Religion murders communication.
2016-05-27How much will you spend on the bomb, you prick?
2016-05-26Little islanders locking their front doors.
2016-05-25Listen, you are allowed to be yourself.
2016-05-24Clouds breathe the borrowed splendour of the sun.
2016-05-23The irony of your comfy pillows.
2016-05-22Last night I promised Mars we were coming.
2016-05-21There is nothing so cute as a new smile.
2016-05-20Ideal family unit t.v. fest.
2016-05-19My summer marking melancholia.
2016-05-18I would love to be replaced by robots.
2016-05-17Drooling politicians ate our money.
2016-05-16The moon is coming to a hand near you.
2016-05-15It’s not my party, I couldn’t care less.
2016-05-14Life is a spirit and an engineer.
2016-05-13You’re either wearing a mask or you’re mad.
2016-05-12There is a certain loneliness in here.
2016-05-11Something less than a scream, something formal.
2016-05-10The black border proves your mortality.
2016-05-09Every moment is a cut across time.
2016-05-08Isolated Scandinavian socks.
2016-05-07We are merging with the machines we hate.
2016-05-06It rains inside my heart from time to time.
2016-05-05Internet password hot paranoia.
2016-05-04Poetry is not a talent contest.
2016-05-03Media campaign drives truth out of town.
2016-05-02Peter George is a brand new obsession
2016-05-01Orwellian media sack the truth.
2016-04-30Labour, last joke of an unhappy clown.
2016-04-29Fire is not the promise of tomorrow.
2016-04-28Bob Hoskins causes me some disquiet.
2016-04-27We declare our right to be pacified.
2016-04-26Hillsborough is England’s lasting disgrace.
2016-04-25We declare our right to elect morons.
2016-04-24Don’t like is not unlike it’s positive.
2016-04-23Shakespeare would satirise your ugly mug.
2016-04-22Ireland is a vase ready to be made.
2016-04-21Ireland is a reed blasted by the wind.
2016-04-20Ireland is a plane on autopilot.
2016-04-19Ireland is a train without a driver.
2016-04-18You’re like Dr Strangelove in reverse.
2016-04-17Europe is open or else it’s a lie.
2016-04-16You get less than fifteen years for arson.
2016-04-15Myrtleville where we sat amongst the rocks.
2016-04-14That’s the first applause I’ve had in eight years.
2016-04-13Scariest ghosts are the ones you don’t know.
2016-04-12Starlings inhabit the interstices.
2016-04-11The sky turns its face away from the night.
2016-04-10A quarter of a year since you left us.
2016-04-09Dinosaur plastic ziggurat toast crumbs.
2016-04-08Our leaders are sulking in the cake shop.
2016-04-07Mr Cameron, he did a bad thing!
2016-04-06We don’t like what you want you’ll have to change.
2016-04-05Politician spotted doing their job!
2016-04-04Soft touch economy and government.
2016-04-03Europe squats within its own blind prison.
2016-04-02Poetry stems from its own self-loathing.
2016-04-01My heart lies somewhere in the splintered Left.
2016-03-31You have been elected to serve the State.
2016-03-30All this is true and none of this matters.
2016-03-29I love you I hate you I do not care.
2016-03-28Heathcliff oscillation, marginal doubt.
2016-03-27We remember revolutionaries.
2016-03-26Bourgeois Ireland questions rebellion.
2016-03-25Within zero is everything you need.
2016-03-24Just go to the back of the house and scream.
2016-03-23Killing people for a nursery rhyme.
2016-03-22Your God doesn’t exist! He’s a fiction!
2016-03-21Shot out of a hole which was not a hole.
2016-03-20Reason is a primed and ready rat trap.
2016-03-19Metaphor is a defibrillator.
2016-03-18Poetry is a lifebelt in a storm.
2016-03-17Anger is an obliterated face.
2016-03-16Sobriety is an empty pint glass.
2016-03-15Beauty is an accidental angle.
2016-03-14Civilisation is a thin veneer.
2016-03-13Evolution will have us born with words.
2016-03-12Every evening we’re looking for the moon.
2016-03-11Socialism needs a national platform.
2016-03-10We can be effective, just for one day.
2016-03-09George Martin, gone to produce the angels.
2016-03-08Liberty is in the bite of your teeth.
2016-03-07Freedom is on the outside of your smile.
2016-03-06"Exit" is a distorting metaphor.
2016-03-05If the States were elsewhere they’d intervene.
2016-03-04Idiot chancer, idiotic Prof.
2016-03-03While they dither and preen and pose and bluff
2016-03-02I call for a suspension of taxes.
2016-03-01Two identical parties slug it out.
2016-02-29Trump gives moronic people a bad name.
2016-02-28How we lost ourselves, but learnt to survive.
2016-02-27We get the Healy-Raes and Fianna Fail.
2016-02-26We need inspirational politics.
2016-02-25We need social-minded politicians.
2016-02-24We need visionary politicians.
2016-02-23We need intellectual politics.
2016-02-22We need intelligent politicians.
2016-02-21It is late and sadly we must depart.
2016-02-20Cameron as conductor of Bedlam.
2016-02-19In my world I have been quite visible.
2016-02-18I have a personal interest in Hell.
2016-02-17Here come the new idiot Puritans.
2016-02-16We’re going to have to retrace our steps.
2016-02-15Looks like we’ve made an almighty blunder.
2016-02-14An Ireland for all .... except the masses.
2016-02-13Fianna Fail is last night’s curry repeat.
2016-02-12Irish politics, that’s a good idea.
2016-02-11Vote austerity, prove democracy.
2016-02-10An Ireland for all .... except the homeless.
2016-02-09Get away from my front door you fucker!
2016-02-08An Ireland for all .... including gangsters.
2016-02-07If I keep this up I might write a line.
2016-02-06Leicester City are this year’s miracle.
2016-02-05In Jordan they’re queuing to stay alive.
2016-02-04Black comedy is tragedy with jokes.
2016-02-03The Labour Party’s been policing debt.
2016-02-02Syria is now our epoch’s Auschwitz.
2016-02-01I will become a futurologist.
2016-01-31Ireland doesn’t need your fascist groove thang.
2016-01-30I imagine movement beyond space-time.
2016-01-29English fuck-wit racist speaks of ‘treason’.
2016-01-28A structure is the idea of return.
2016-01-27Who has the right to write an elegy?
2016-01-26Vacancy for an intellectual star.
2016-01-25A tiny universe points at the door.
2016-01-24One day, no doubt, they will come for us all.
2016-01-23John Keats is a man who paid his tax bills.
2016-01-22One week without eating anything sweet.
2016-01-21You are my target. This is a rifle.
2016-01-20Burn through the inconvenience of time.
2016-01-19Everyone wept and put stones in their mouths.
2016-01-18The man with the clipboard said he was dead.
2016-01-17He is you and me but much more than both.
2016-01-16He sings a song overheard by angels.
2016-01-15He wears his suit like a mannequin would.
2016-01-14He smokes his fag like an ivory pen.
2016-01-13His eyes look at you from another world.
2016-01-12His lips recoil from the taste of the real.
2016-01-11You can’t go David, we will not let you.
2016-01-10The first circle of purgatory, marking.
2016-01-09A cloud is squatting in the bowl of Cork.
2016-01-08Happy returns David. Your halo grows.
2016-01-07Intelligent beard with a face beneath.
2016-01-06A wise old man in a Nike tracksuit.
2016-01-05Dr Strangelove is your next door neighbour.
2016-01-04All this just comes down to staying afloat.
2016-01-03I dreamt of a place that was largely dry.
2016-01-02Brutal, childish, savage executions.
2016-01-01Time slumps us over another hurdle.
2015-12-31The world belongs to those who live on hills.
2015-12-30At what point do we start making an ark?
2015-12-29Your silence almost eradicates me.
2015-12-28Wordsworth struggles to redeem the present.
2015-12-27A word is a piece of grit in your eye.
2015-12-26Sometimes I’m not me, sometimes I'm awake.
2015-12-25A sentence is a cut turned on itself.
2015-12-24Someone gift me eight pints of better blood.
2015-12-23There is a terror that sounds like a drip.
2015-12-22Put stones in my mouth and then close my eyes.
2015-12-21What are the consequences of Paris?
2015-12-20If I was cute I would start selling snow!
2015-12-19Shock News: Oxbridge filters out working class.
2015-12-18Donald Trump is our collective nightmare.
2015-12-17The weather man is wearing a spacesuit.
2015-12-16I’m tired of grinning at shameless fakers.
2015-12-15I have no message, I have no comfort.
2015-12-14I keep slipping behind the week I’m in.
2015-12-13Unfriend me if you think that bombing works.
2015-12-12Humanity has its first ever thought.
2015-12-11Unfriend me if you’re a bourgeois nihilist.
2015-12-10We are running towards the bullet’s tip.
2015-12-09I have faith that my faith is not enough.
2015-12-08This is a flood without hope of promise.
2015-12-07Honoured to know you, new minted Doctor.
2015-12-06Tomorrow is an inmate on Death Row.
2015-12-05Slash me with the honey-pit of your face.
2015-12-04Moron bombing allies friendship fuck wit.
2015-12-03This is a protracted land grab for oil.
2015-12-02Westminster politicians vote for death.
2015-12-01Come friendly bombs and drop on religion.
2015-11-30Covet is not the only covenant.
2015-11-29Build a robot, I’m off on vacation.
2015-11-28Send a photograph of your greatest thought.
2015-11-27This is the continuation of self.
2015-11-26Enough of this pretending you’re awake.
2015-11-25If you prick us do we not wear a bomb?
2015-11-24I am familiar with writer’s block.
2015-11-23I understand the metaphor of sleep.
2015-11-22Burma is a hope, a flickering light.
2015-11-21What kind of eyes are you looking through now?
2015-11-20The centre of hurt is not a target.
2015-11-19They keep your screams in a wooden shoebox.
2015-11-18Life is precious, I don’t understand you.
2015-11-17Tories in power, shall we use air strikes?
2015-11-16Aung San Suu Kyi is my Mother as well.
2015-11-15Wailing for the faith his own words inspired.
2015-11-14Do you really, honestly think we’re scared?
2015-11-13This day is about our boy, nothing else.
2015-11-12Religion is the dirt beneath my shoes.
2015-11-11Keep on pointing towards the stars my son!
2015-11-10Bank of Ireland, thief with a questionnaire.
2015-11-09He turned round, I had thought he was a house.
2015-11-08This is poetry, this is an eclipse.
2015-11-07I have put my face in front of the sun.
2015-11-06What we call "the so-called United States".
2015-11-05In the new book, humans beg for mercy.
2015-11-04In the old book, God apologises.
2015-11-03Maybe I’m a neo-Romanticist.
2015-11-02If you were a book I’d finish you off.
2015-11-01We won’t mention god till you can say no.
2015-10-31The worst comes to so many, but not us.
2015-10-30When I was young launches were into space.
2015-10-29How often must I go to work naked?
2015-10-28Hungry swamp alligators eat my friends.
2015-10-27The mind is still cleaning out the Nazis.
2015-10-26This era of medicated nightmare.
2015-10-25Mr Blair, he a little bit sorry.
2015-10-24Reselection is simply pest control.
2015-10-23Counting the falling leaves, one, two, three, four ....
2015-10-22Head phones, lost in the imaginary.
2015-10-21Structuralism is a sausage machine.
2015-10-20This is something we used to call freedom.
2015-10-19You will remember nothing of all this.
2015-10-18Democracy, someone else is dying.
2015-10-17Children of Gaza are deprived of hope.
2015-10-16We're in trouble, we will need a plumber.
2015-10-15Saudi Arabia is a secret.
2015-10-14That's the end of the eighteenth century.
2015-10-13I haven’t seen a single thing like you.
2015-10-12Cut the commercial world out of your eye.
2015-10-11Take your hate book and throw it on the fire.
2015-10-10I am a Professor of Solitude.
2015-10-09There are many forgotten covenants.
2015-10-08Beyond the shadow of Mount Moriah.
2015-10-07The world can only resist for so long.
2015-10-06What’s outside this window, that’s my subject.
2015-10-05You are so corrupt you should grow a beard!
2015-10-04Super Moon has been eaten by the Sun.
2015-10-03Autumn Journal for a displaced culture.
2015-10-02Everything teeters on the edge of brown.
2015-10-01Soviet Cosmonauts stole my packed lunch.
2015-09-30Language slows us down to a narrative.
2015-09-29That book has dads who give away their sons.
2015-09-28Ok, that settles it! We’re off to Mars!
2015-09-27We need a much better algorithm.
2015-09-26The only devil that exists is us.
2015-09-25An eight takes you out and then reels you in.
2015-09-24Cars are tampered with, so are elections.
2015-09-23Swellfoot the Tyrant. The joke is on us!
2015-09-22What should a land of empty houses do?
2015-09-21Billy Bragg and me are going steady.
2015-09-20The rain has learnt to sing a stronger song.
2015-09-19We left Syria to be torn by dogs.
2015-09-18Why not try something we could call a plot.
2015-09-17Without teleology you’re drifting.
2015-09-16Where is that Ireland of social contract?
2015-09-15You must write beyond the successful line.
2015-09-14I will move down to the smallest of things.
2015-09-13You will be as numerous as the stars.
2015-09-12Jeremy Corbyn! it’s a T.K.O!
2015-09-11The Covenant is broken in pieces.
2015-09-10The world has become too small for exile.
2015-09-09Time spreads through the house as I watch you play.
2015-09-08Tie a lasso around their broken hearts.
2015-09-07Reflect the place was not worth stopping for.
2015-09-06Look out your window, see the Exodus.
2015-09-05They walk from Hungary to Germany.
2015-09-04Aylan and Ghalib Kurdi are now dead.
2015-09-03Those photographs are the end of our dream
2015-09-02Open the gates! Open the fucking gates!
2015-09-01Your phone is certainly smarter than you.
2015-08-31Migrant is a word we use for murder.
2015-08-30I’m waiting for the day that I get stuck.
2015-08-29When I was young they came to our door too.
2015-08-28The rain is a joke I’ve heard too often.
2015-08-27There are laws for the movement of cattle!
2015-08-26In memory of Ruby, noble friend.
2015-08-25Influence is something you might well dread.
2015-08-24These are my minutes, this is your lifetime.
2015-08-23Radio voices get under my skin.
2015-08-22I have no elders and no juniors.
2015-08-21I am anything but single-minded.
2015-08-20Truth is a word that we put on reserve.
2015-08-19Open all the doors, let air circulate.
2015-08-18Let’s pretend we don't understand Corbyn.
2015-08-17At the end of this there will be a test.
2015-08-16Some people are trapped in poverty, Joan!
2015-08-15An accurate mirror needs construction.
2015-08-14Corbyn is a plea for real politics.
2015-08-13There will be no stars for you this evening.
2015-08-12The beach is littered with tiny headstones.
2015-08-11Let’s say it, the goat should not be up there.
2015-08-10Your rebellion is against yourself
2015-08-09Denis O’Brien does not own this site.
2015-08-08Reality keeps pounding at the door.
2015-08-07Cookery, as the rest of the world starves.
2015-08-06If only that tunnel led somewhere else.
2015-08-05Beauty emerges from a silent core.
2015-08-04This is the start of our dystopia.
2015-08-03The Flood, other people who want a home.
2015-08-02Donald Trump is a new kind of nightmare.
2015-08-01Kerry clouds envelope my mind in sleep.
2015-07-31Looks like it’s me and Billy Connolly.
2015-07-30One comma in my brain has lost its tail.
2015-07-29There is a ghost in this house and it’s me.
2015-07-28Freedom allows you to be a bigot.
2015-07-27Metrosexual boys fill their skin with gunk.
2015-07-26The only hole you need is in the head.
2015-07-25Anti-Sisyphean labour of love.
2015-07-24Each stone is a metonymy for hope.
2015-07-23The sun set, the roads of the world grew dark.
2015-07-22Even the sinking ships won’t let you board.
2015-07-21That boy looks like a disappointed snail.
2015-07-20I will not take an exam to belong!
2015-07-19Our love is a padlocked football turnstile.
2015-07-18Karma has unfriended you on Facebook.
2015-07-17You’ll not find freedom through fiscal revenge.
2015-07-16The Holy Water has never returned.
2015-07-15My left hand has made me e. e. cummings.
2015-07-14The end is the origin in reverse.
2015-07-13Europe Promised Land Africa Moses.
2015-07-12The darkest night is the one yet to come.
2015-07-11Europe has memory loss without Greece.
2015-07-10Europe is not an optional status.
2015-07-09Fiji is a long way to go for stamps.
2015-07-08Dublin has killed all its pedestrians.
2015-07-07No one runs out of ice in Iceland.
2015-07-06I think I’d rather go and live in Greece.
2015-07-05What will you do when the Fascists return?
2015-07-04He wakes and smiles and I am born again.
2015-07-03I have been replaced by an avatar.
2015-07-02There are very good reasons to prune trees.
2015-07-01The window in my head is closed for lunch.
2015-06-30I have burnt you in a heap of cinders.
2015-06-29Memory is the antidote to greed.
2015-06-28Home is an idea that you invented.
2015-06-27Hyperbolic morons ate my slippers!
2015-06-26You have to go really fast, to go slow.
2015-06-25Migrants hide inside your metaphysics.
2015-06-24The scariest thing is to have no home.
2015-06-23We are boys with scarves and we’re holding hands.
2015-06-22Weather girl kills summer with her left hand.
2015-06-21Crocodile tears of the faintly racist.
2015-06-20Mr Obama you squandered your chance.
2015-06-19Americans love guns more than themselves.
2015-06-18I can only say no to your evil.
2015-06-17If you want to go, then go behind Dev.
2015-06-16Tip me into the hot summer sunshine.
2015-06-15The end of the year spills over the desk.
2015-06-14There’s no equality of genius.
2015-06-13Firewall against the mindless vacuum.
2015-06-12Influence saga sends me to the couch.
2015-06-11Daemonization of inheritance.
2015-06-10Swerve out from the swerve that swerved from a swerve.
2015-06-09Kabbalah inspired death defying fibs.
2015-06-08Prison notebook esoteric game plan.
2015-06-07Children grow weary of wild eyed wonder.
2015-06-06T.D.s grow weary of hypocrisy.
2015-06-05Teachers grow weary of narcissism.
2015-06-04Preachers grow weary of mass damnation.
2015-06-03Astronomers grow weary of the stars.
2015-06-02Poets keep quiet and plan their escape.
2015-06-01Believe me, somewhere up there is the sun.
2015-05-31Sunday has gone walkabout, we are free.
2015-05-30Joy in the middle of a perfect pitch.
2015-05-29Gender stereotype fixing machine.
2015-05-28Where’s your papa gone, where’s your papa gone?
2015-05-27They say you have to choose what path to walk.
2015-05-26A rainbow stretching over a dunghill.
2015-05-25Reality consists of lost euros.
2015-05-24This is a new start. This is a platform.
2015-05-23Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!
2015-05-22Of all days, this is a day for rainbows.
2015-05-21Ireland shakes off its old dirty hair-shirt.
2015-05-20Push all the clerics into the ocean.
2015-05-19Kafka, Beckett, Revenue.ie
2015-05-18Wake up, we are in the Goldilocks zone!
2015-05-17The BBC has had a massive stroke.
2015-05-16This in its way is a lie against time.
2015-05-15All babies start out as Ziggy Stardust.
2015-05-14Looks like it’s me and Muhammed Ali.
2015-05-13For me the moon does not have a dark side.
2015-05-12The point is the Tories are bad winners.
2015-05-11Since I was born I’ve never been reborn.
2015-05-10The meek are patiently waiting their turn.
2015-05-09Europe is a jelly that will not set.
2015-05-08Whip us hard, whip us good, show no mercy.
2015-05-07Part-time pseudo-fascists turn out to vote.
2015-05-06Yes is for humans, No is for the gods.
2015-05-05Hysterical pre-evaluation.
2015-05-04Some poets run with a smile on their face.
2015-05-03Religion should preach love and not hatred.
2015-05-02Vote for equality not spiteful cant.
2015-05-01Children need real care, not revenge tactics.
2015-04-30Children need a future, not the Bible.
2015-04-29Children need love and enlightenment.
2015-04-28Children need an Ireland without fear.
2015-04-27Religion has no access to nature.
2015-04-26Half past seven is the new half past ten.
2015-04-25The roads are littered by funded bigots.
2015-04-24Single sex marriage is simple justice.
2015-04-23The moon is a lie that keeps on working.
2015-04-22What on earth do you understand by ‘growth’?
2015-04-20The sun is your friend and your worst nightmare.
2015-04-19The sun is confused and thinks it’s summer.
2015-04-18The original sin was its concept.
2015-04-17Igglepiggle wiggle waggle woggle.
2015-04-16This could be worse, this could be terminal.
2015-04-15And you, backwards reading historians.
2015-04-14I hail thee, future anthropologists.
2015-04-13This is the diary of a submerged man.
2015-04-12Obama waves wand and Cuba exists.
2015-04-11Let’s buy more weapons that we'll never use.
2015-04-10Irish adults should be taxed and not heard.
2015-04-09Don’t shoot me, I am not convertible.
2015-04-08This is the day you began to eat food.
2015-04-07This is the epoch of cart before horse.
2015-04-06This is the regime of Church, Bank and Bling.
2015-04-05Your smile makes a mockery of the fall.
2015-04-04Half a billion years in your pocket.
2015-04-03Every day you open the door to love.
2015-04-02Derrida in a fifty minute sprint.
2015-04-01Iran is the Golem you cannot kill.
2015-03-31My brain has gone on strike and I must run.
2015-03-30Time is a hire firm, you’re out of credit.
2015-03-29The Burren is a mirror to the moon.
2015-03-28The Cliffs of Moher have been washed away.
2015-03-27She says, this is pointing to Nirvana.
2015-03-26The doctor says, life might be entropic.
2015-03-25Boredom is the enemy of all thought.
2015-03-24If God is anywhere He’s in your smile.
2015-03-23The biggest problem, other people’s tongues.
2015-03-22I have already won the greatest prize.
2015-03-21For an hour I could bend my thumb again.
2015-03-20All that fuss about a wee little prick.
2015-03-19Israel is so frightened it cannot breathe.
2015-03-18Greek fiscal policy, Germany’s balls.
2015-03-17The sound of jack boots and bureaucracy.
2015-03-16Children remind us we make our own world.
2015-03-15Pull down the moon and give me back my face.
2015-03-14We live by putting the earth in the sky.
2015-03-13We’re living on concrete and borrowed time.
2015-03-12Life is held in an other-worldly grin.
2015-03-11Angelic, mid-morning incarnation.
2015-03-10You are a unit. You are a moon-base.
2015-03-09Homicidal electioneering face.
2015-03-08Netanyahu is a Yahoo that’s Who!
2015-03-07You must prepare yourself to receive truth.
2015-03-06Time is a train with a pissed up driver.
2015-03-05IS is a disaster produced by US.
2015-03-04Ignorant, idiot iconoclasts.
2015-03-03Your broken thumb threatens to disturb Blake.
2015-03-02You are in a cave at the end of things.
2015-03-01Narcissi are blooming, it’s a big pun.
2015-02-28President Putin wipes his nose and coughs.
2015-02-27Kubrick versus Burgess, fate versus sin.
2015-02-26I think this toothbrush belongs to Lordan.
2015-02-25You will have to find a better balance.
2015-02-24After all your bluster you ran and hid.
2015-02-23Cork in the winter is a goldfish bowl.
2015-02-22Mythology breeds the purest hatred.
2015-02-21There’s an inexorable march forward.
2015-02-20No pain no gain. No pain no rich bankers.
2015-02-19Germany finds homes for austerity.
2015-02-18Tell me another story I’ve not heard.
2015-02-17I came back from a place of no return.
2015-02-16Simple question, is poetry selfish?
2015-02-15Uncommunicative Twitter account.
2015-02-14Irish laments written by English hands.
2015-02-13Charity explained to thirty young souls.
2015-02-12I will cough myself out of all patience.
2015-02-11You are so broken you’re beyond all fix.
2015-02-10Why turn up if when you do you’re not there?
2015-02-09Trying to fit the world into your mouth.
2015-02-08Stop pouting and open your fucking mind!
2015-02-07Something was broken from the beginning.
2015-02-06What we need are corrective sunglasses.
2015-02-05Weird weather on the telly, rain outside.
2015-02-04If you were many you would be putti.
2015-02-03Completely lost, the sun is occluded.
2015-02-02That’s the loveliest sound I've ever heard.
2015-02-01Irish politics? What a good idea!
2015-01-31Do not open the door onto the day.
2015-01-30Daniel Defoe should get his story straight.
2015-01-29We have no idea what literature is.
2015-01-28Don’t say too much and don’t say too little.
2015-01-27The nearest you ever got to freezing.
2015-01-26We have moved out of the poetry room.
2015-01-25We have moved into the poetry room.
2015-01-24How can you live without an aesthetic.
2015-01-23You always look like you’ve scored the winner.
2015-01-22Criticism is not propaganda.
2015-01-21There will be no peace until your socks fit.
2015-01-20You are going to teach until you burst.
2015-01-19Your Abu Hamza finger is a hit.
2015-01-18Charlie’s problem is he thinks he exists.
2015-01-17There’s fluff in the corners of this baby.
2015-01-16Always remember to look behind you.
2015-01-15Don’t let them know you never found your way.
2015-01-14Equality is someone else’s dream.
2015-01-13Don’t let them see that your hand is shaking.
2015-01-12It’s Fraternity that’s the real bugger!
2015-01-11Freedom of speech is a film you don’t watch.
2015-01-10Freedom of speech is nonsense to poets.
2015-01-09Freedom of speech is a gun at the head.
2015-01-08Freedom of speech is God on vacation.
2015-01-07Freedom of speech is water on the brain.
2015-01-06Freedom of speech is somebody’s silence.
2015-01-05Freedom of speech is a smack in the mouth.
2015-01-04cancel your subscription to The Party.
2015-01-03cancel all poverty and all warfare,
2015-01-02New Year’s resolutions: abolish fear,
2015-01-01This year we’re going to need sub-titles.
2014-12-31Michael D.. His name is writ in water.
2014-12-30Fort of the Fianna, Hill of the Breast.
2014-12-29Carrauntoohil as the sun dies away.
2014-12-28The house in Italy should be burnt down.
2014-12-27My idealism is skeptical.
2014-12-26Steam coming off the mountains at Rossbeigh.
2014-12-25Wake me up when they’ve thrown away the ring.
2014-12-24My loneliness is quite sociable.
2014-12-23Add this to the list but don’t look at it.
2014-12-22My materialism is abstract.
2014-12-21The spread of silence across the window.
2014-12-20I am a critic, is there a problem?
2014-12-19Hatred is not an ideology.
2014-12-18Terrorism is not a religion.
2014-12-17This side of Hell the most evil of you.
2014-12-16Power is controlling your attention.
2014-12-15Outside of Heaven the happiest me.
2014-12-14He fell into a domestic idyll.
2014-12-13Old friends who know you subvert the present.
2014-12-12Time goes by like ice outside the window.
2014-12-11The silence of a crowded train carriage.
2014-12-10Peter Gabriel dances like a child.
2014-12-09Marking scripts is your idea of penance.
2014-12-08I will not facilitate your boredom.
2014-12-07The sun sets off the music of this house.
2014-12-06Nine years and they gave me a fountain pen.
2014-12-05Just do not ask me where I got this line.
2014-12-04I do not shop therefore I don’t exist.
2014-12-03Heaven is for children, hell for adults.
2014-12-02This is what people call reality.
2014-12-01We live in the middle of somewhere else.
2014-11-30The sun is shining, our boy is asleep.
2014-11-29Dinosaur Train as sung by Iggy Pop.
2014-11-28Suddenly the shape of time is transformed.
2014-11-27I would give you a world free of bank loans.
2014-11-26Look up at the stars, that’s where the truth lies.
2014-11-25Sufficiently heroic, without drugs.
2014-11-24I would give you a world free of fascists.
2014-11-23Today my world is filled with plastic stars.
2014-11-22Ireland reactivates its vocal chords.
2014-11-21Watergate, Waterfall, cold Waterslide.
2014-11-20I no longer excel in the madhouse.
2014-11-19I am a cuttlefish, you are my ink.
2014-11-18This is the beginning of a new hope.
2014-11-17This is the beginning of a new fear.
2014-11-16Stretch out and then go back to angel dreams.
2014-11-15Nazi in a dress says you can’t marry.
2014-11-14That was the happiest day of my life.
2014-11-13You open your eyes and the world begins.
2014-11-12Without you I would walk into the dark.
2014-11-11He thinks what he knows is all he should know.
2014-11-10He’s just a low grade working-class fascist.
2014-11-09Kick over the statues! Smash every loom!
2014-11-08Purity of essence, now double taxed.
2014-11-07Government levies an oxygen charge.
2014-11-06Tomorrow inches over its bunker.
2014-11-05Governments bill the ruin they create.
2014-11-04My love is fire but your hatred is wood.
2014-11-03Madness is the absence of nothingness.
2014-11-02This is not the end of allegory.
2014-11-01This is no Dr Strangelove mineshaft gap.
2014-10-31This is not an end of war trionfi.
2014-10-30This is not an optimistic journal.
2014-10-29This is no bank man wanking over debt.
2014-10-28This is not the monster behind your eyes.
2014-10-27This is not a long narrative poem.
2014-10-26This is not a cry in the wilderness.
2014-10-25This is not a witness protection blog.
2014-10-24This is not poetry of expression.
2014-10-23This is not a mainstream aesthetic act.
2014-10-22This is not a series of confessions.
2014-10-21This is not a platform for prejudice.
2014-10-20This is not a bank bailout jamboree.
2014-10-19You cannot sleep, you would need a new God.
2014-10-18You cannot cry, you would need a new heart.
2014-10-17Slant and a little buckled in space-time.
2014-10-16Blink and the Holocene epoch is gone.
2014-10-15You cannot dream, you would need brand new eyes.
2014-10-14Inappropriate puns ruin your life.
2014-10-13The whole world is wrong, it is all your fault.
2014-10-12Africa is the world's swollen belly.
2014-10-11I am painting the pain out of this house.
2014-10-10Wall-flower poet of non-existence.
2014-10-09Nature dances, God sits in the corner.
2014-10-08Ebola has broken its river banks.
2014-10-07This hole is so small that the light pours slant.
2014-10-06Silence of a lonely Sunday morning.
2014-10-05Poets are human Aeolian Harps.
2014-10-04This day has been missed. This day is empty.
2014-10-03Go home. Lock the door. Shut the madness out.
2014-10-02Shock! Nepotism still reigns in Ireland!
2014-10-01You cannot see me if you do not blink.
2014-09-30You are my Yuri Gagarin moment.
2014-09-29Jonah was swallowed by a big, big fish.
2014-09-28You are the Steadicam of my desire.
2014-09-27I have put you in the place of shadows.
2014-09-26Swallow me whole and then vomit me up.
2014-09-25Ethics is all about good digestion.
2014-09-24This is an ironic emoticon.
2014-09-23Scotland once was a top three news item.
2014-09-22I’m a Bonobo not a Chimpanzee.
2014-09-21Democracy wins if you lie enough.
2014-09-20Cameron says he was only joking.
2014-09-19Scotland, it appears, is still arriving.
2014-09-18Scotland is an unexpected letter
2014-09-17Scotland is the sound of one hand clapping.
2014-09-16Scotland is the smoke from a sulphur mine.
2014-09-15Scotland is a bee trapped in a beer can.
2014-09-14Scotland slithers on a small petri dish.
2014-09-13Scotland you are an excellent idea.
2014-09-12Now he knows whether there’s a god or no.
2014-09-11Scotland is the cracker in my man bag.
2014-09-10Scotland is the monkey in my porridge.
2014-09-09Scotland is tearing down my tall grass hat.
2014-09-08Scotland is eating up my soft slippers.
2014-09-07I wish I had teeth that wanted to stay.
2014-09-06Breaking stones is no punishment for me.
2014-09-05I have graduated to Polish beer.
2014-09-04You need some body to make you hungry.
2014-09-03You can’t be anonymous on your own.
2014-09-02Master puppeteers, master bullshitters.
2014-09-01Who I had thought had been a pile of books.
2014-08-31Tony Soprano is out of my life.
2014-08-30Fucking invasive foreign ladybirds!
2014-08-29Obama is at the end of himself.
2014-08-28There’s nowhere to buy books in this uni.
2014-08-27Morrissey singing in an abattoir.
2014-08-26Got those ‘I can't keep dry Patrick Street blues’.
2014-08-25Walk in a straight line, don’t walk in a curve.
2014-08-24Suddenly The Rose of Tralee matters.
2014-08-23Kate Bush makes me cry and makes me human.
2014-08-22Do not give lifebelts to any TDs.
2014-08-21Your country needs political fracking.
2014-08-20Get your rosaries off her ovaries.
2014-08-19You dent our side streets, we kill your children.
2014-08-18I can't seem to finish ‘The Odyssey’.
2014-08-17Like something out of Edgar Alan Poe.
2014-08-16We buried him head down in the rubble.
2014-08-15Back to DIY and The Sopranos.
2014-08-14Black volcanic rock leaves faith in shatters.
2014-08-13Rain for today, tomorrow and always.
2014-08-12You can’t write poetry in a hurry.
2014-08-11Kerry is a place of silence and sky.
2014-08-10Some days you have to get up in stages.
2014-08-09This is a place where old tornadoes die.
2014-08-08Don’t despair, the British are on their way!
2014-08-07You will not make a monkey out of me.
2014-08-06The Bank of Ireland is above the law.
2014-08-05I just want to take a selfie of you.
2014-08-04The tadpole lifts itself out of the pond.
2014-08-03Terrorists in the kitchen, the garden,
2014-08-02the playground, the hospital ward, the street,
2014-08-01the relative’s bedroom, the neighbour's shed,
2014-07-31terrorists underneath their own carpets,
2014-07-30their crowded courtyards, their own broken flats,
2014-07-28until Gaza is the world’s deepest grave.
2014-07-27The best have to leave, the worst stay at home.
2014-07-26Israeli gaolers are mowing the lawn.
2014-07-25Ireland is an abandoned, burnt-out car.
2014-07-24Ireland’s not sure that bombing schools is wrong.
2014-07-23Israel, see your shame from the ISS!
2014-07-22Your book is strange and you smell of aphids.
2014-07-21Hydrangeas, hebes, a touch of colour.
2014-07-20Collective punishment is an outrage.
2014-07-19I cannot imagine how cruel you are.
2014-07-18I have to admit it, you are evil.
2014-07-17Tiger, tiger, who once was burning bright.
2014-07-16In the deforestation of the night.
2014-07-15Who dare ruin your fearful symmetry.
2014-07-14Everything changes except your own fears.
2014-07-13Stay, die, or leave, be exterminated.
2014-07-12Do not exist or our bombs will find you.
2014-07-11Israel is a desecrated idea.
2014-07-10They die since Israel cannot be bordered.
2014-07-09Their walls are made of broken promises.
2014-07-08Your walls are made of concrete and bomb proof.
2014-07-07All enlightenment. All end. Allenut.
2014-07-06All enter stage right. All Enola Gay.
2014-07-05All endometriosis. All endocrine.
2014-07-04All entrepreneurial. All entrapped.
2014-07-03All english. All engaged. All entitled.
2014-07-02All engine. All endorsement. All enthused.
2014-07-01All end-of-the-world. All entertainment.
2014-06-30All endorphined. All encyclopaedic.
2014-06-29All endnote. All entropy. All enclosed.
2014-06-28Pack up the books about Shelley and death.
2014-06-27Kubrick, Dr Faustus, the Iraq War.
2014-06-26Napoleon, Egyptian artefacts.
2014-06-25Landing at home after years of rumour.
2014-06-24Sections of skin are trying to escape.
2014-06-23Patriotism is the last refuge.
2014-06-22We left Syria to soak up zealots.
2014-06-21We shook Iraq so hard it fell apart.
2014-06-20Thomas Piketty, you’re a genius!
2014-06-19If I was a fly I wouldn’t stay here.
2014-06-18Even the seagulls think I should read more.
2014-06-17The torn leaf of a small book out of date.
2014-06-16Disorganised, slovenly imposter.
2014-06-15This is the day that makes me think again.
2014-06-14England is another badly told joke.
2014-06-13Nightclub full of frumpy, dumpy swingers.
2014-06-12Heroes, villains, and the doable done.
2014-06-11England empties the pub before you sing.
2014-06-10Oxford is a wasp’s nest of bicycles.
2014-06-09The long, cold build-up to non-existence.
2014-06-08Skull-pan of a head, riverbed of ghosts.
2014-06-07Golgotha, ossuary, hillside of bones.
2014-06-06Who is to call them illegitimate?
2014-06-05Your Catholicism is a death cult.
2014-06-04Children under the skirts of old Ireland.
2014-06-03I have torn up my promissory note.
2014-06-02Honest politician does good day’s work.
2014-06-01The sunshine blinds me as I try to sleep.
2014-05-31Your ideas collapse like trees in a cull.
2014-05-30Winter architects dream of the summer.
2014-05-29Seaford Head and the end of a novel.
2014-05-28A child throws a ball, the earthquake arrives.
2014-05-27Like moths in the wake of a jumbo jet.
2014-05-26Swerve away from non-linear bases.
2014-05-25Clinamen between your tongue and your teeth.
2014-05-24Anti-Modernist Lucretian blunder.
2014-05-23Morrissey and me on one beer a day.
2014-05-22Voting is a way of spoiling your vote.
2014-05-21Sussex is coming. You are reading this.
2014-05-20Newquay headland memorial sunset.
2014-05-19Nanpean Cemetery is full of us.
2014-05-18Our future is tunnelling towards us.
2014-05-17Cornwall is not full of ethnic miners.
2014-05-16This is a play Alan Bennett might write.
2014-05-15The Duchy is thin and full of luggage.
2014-05-14If life is snooker you are the black ball.
2014-05-13What you need is a mirror and a soul.
2014-05-12What I need is a personal trainer.
2014-05-11We must bend down and pick up all our dreams.
2014-05-10Technocratic politicians spill us.
2014-05-09Europe is progressive. That is the point.
2014-05-08Europe emerged from a cloud of ashes.
2014-05-07Love is the insufficiency of self.
2014-05-06Hope is not being completely helpless.
2014-05-05Violence is madness. That’s all it is.
2014-05-04There is an ideology of love.
2014-05-03The Age of Celebrity makes me sick.
2014-05-02Nigerian school abduction. WORLD NEWS!
2014-05-01As you wash your face you see your father.
2014-04-30I saw your heartbeat through a mobile phone.
2014-04-29One that does not scatter, jump and skitter.
2014-04-28You might read me with a posher accent.
2014-04-27UKip is a monstrous irony.
2014-04-26Politicians and other parasites.
2014-04-25Miliband, millipedes, centimetres.
2014-04-24Cameron, Clegg and other excuses.
2014-04-23Vacuity, lacuna, puncture, scoop.
2014-04-22Perforation, foramen, fissure, cleft.
2014-04-21Cavity, aperture, orifice, vent.
2014-04-20Freckle, blind-spot, story you cannot tell.
2014-04-19Monaco is an impossible dream.
2014-04-18One year on and we find ourselves in France.
2014-04-17Sunspot, pimple, pupil, small exit wound.
2014-04-16It grows dark later, the shadows lessen.
2014-04-15Despair is this year’s negativity.
2014-04-14The boiler is dead, the grass is growing.
2014-04-13Depression exists you ignorant loon!
2014-04-12The dream that cash concerns itself with you.
2014-04-11The dream that money will grow a conscience.
2014-04-10Capitalism, the Law of Digits.
2014-04-09Capitalism or democracy.
2014-04-08New Zealand is not a Georgian enclave.
2014-04-07Your dreams have to do with locality.
2014-04-06Bedroom tax what’s unspoken in my head.
2014-04-05Anthropomorphism is poetry!
2014-04-04The Nile is a mop chasing spiders’ webs.
2014-04-03Bristol like Cork has different kinds of rain.
2014-04-02The wind kicks a can around the car park.
2014-04-02Nigerian school abduction. WORLD NEWS!
2014-04-01Disgust is no excuse for lethargy.
2014-03-31Shelley wrote letters like others plant bombs.
2014-03-30If you keep reading this it will make sense.
2014-03-29Opposites attract, opposites repel.
2014-03-28Fridge magnetic poetry has saved my life.
2014-03-27Trudge to your raw sleep like a sea goddess.
2014-03-26My British Library anonymity.
2014-03-25Take your religion away from my face.
2014-03-24Cambridge is a place of sweet memory.
2014-03-23So that I even forgot what I saw.
2014-03-22London is a small back garden bonfire.
2014-03-21Back down from the mountain I had nothing.
2014-03-20Tearful poets of the entropic age.
2014-03-19There’s a stain on the inside of your heart.
2014-03-18Shelley was a rocket his father launched.
2014-03-17One rule for you and another for us.
2014-03-16The Bristol sun, our milky visitor.
2014-03-15Tony Benn is dead, politics elsewhere.
2014-03-14Frankenstein in a Junior Disco.
2014-03-13Very good news from another planet.
2014-03-12Spring came upon us unexpectedly.
2014-03-11Tell me we got rid of all of the nukes.
2014-03-10Book depository full of children.
2014-03-09No one has yet mentioned the Spanish Flu.
2014-03-08Somewhere in the background Syria fades.
2014-03-07Question Time, Barking, the same divisions.
2014-03-06The enemy has a face just like yours.
2014-03-05The West is outraged by imitation.
2014-03-04So that I could never feel that I knew.
2014-03-03Always, only and ever beginning.
2014-03-02Here we go again, half a league onwards!
2014-03-01If I had the chance I would live my life.
2014-02-28Not enough water will drown you in air.
2014-02-27Each time I read that story Shelley dies.
2014-02-26When I draw the blinds for you it is art.
2014-02-25Look at our works ye weaklings and despair.
2014-02-24So where do all the seagulls go to die?
2014-02-23The revolution is learning new tricks.
2014-02-22First World War memorial bonanza.
2014-02-21She’s not dead, she’s just gone to play snooker.
2014-02-20Oligarchs, bankers, politicians, scum.
2014-02-19Ukrainian President stand down now.
2014-02-18Bee stings in a garden without flowers.
2014-02-17Put up your umbrella and dance away.
2014-02-16Fishing metaphors are unromantic.
2014-02-15Kiss me on both sides and then walk away.
2014-02-14Now I really don’t know what I’m doing.
2014-02-13Tuesday was Sunday and Sunday was gone.
2014-02-12I think we got a little confused there.
2014-02-11Airport bar. When did we get used to this?
2014-02-10When Arsenal crash they explode in pieces.
2014-02-09You should add up the age of your fossils.
2014-02-08Electronic cigarettes are stupid!
2014-02-07Everyone on the T.V. is insane.
2014-02-06Bristol rain is similar to Cork rain.
2014-02-05There is nothing in my pocket but hope.
2014-02-04Everything I have said says you can kill.
2014-02-03Mind the gap! Mind the gap! The gap is all!
2014-02-02Australian bar. Rugby, football, love.
2014-02-01I am the Sovereign of every fast car.
2014-01-31I am the man who comes to the rescue.
2014-01-30Ink blot, ink stain, smudge, pencil sketch, doodle.
2014-01-29We are the people who live on a hill.
2014-01-28Another weather warning for your head.
2014-01-27Too much coastal erosion in my mouth.
2014-01-26Rain-soaked fallen Empire of umbrellas.
2014-01-25Great Western, reading Fagles’ translation.
2014-01-24Canterbury and the subtly of war.
2014-01-23Detoxing has started very slowly.
2014-01-22Stratford Theatre Bar, two old winded lags.
2014-01-21Canary Wharf. Do not look up you fool!
2014-01-20I am one who will see the end coming.
2014-01-19We cannot bear too much reality.
2014-01-18Evil rampant and they haunt for a child.
2014-01-17How do you return from meaningless war?
2014-01-16Bedminster haven, Bristol hideaway.
2014-01-15I’ve discovered I am a war poet.
2014-01-14Happy among whispering essayists.
2014-01-13How did you get so old so suddenly.
2014-01-12Keep your temper, breathe deeply, one, two, three...
2014-01-11Standing outside of Eason’s writing Holes.
2014-01-10Nobody trusts the police any more.
2014-01-09Monstrous regimen of politicians.
2014-01-08Solicitors, pensions, Mammon’s vista.
2014-01-07Time past and time present, huge deficit.
2014-01-06It’s as if you were someone somewhere else.
2014-01-05I will stamp on my glasses and be blind.
2014-01-04I am an ancient turtle sick of leaves.
2014-01-03Even the mountains seem edgy tonight.
2014-01-02The sea wants to invade what defines it.
2014-01-02Australian bar, rugby, football, love.
2014-01-01The wind is the friend of very old trees.
2013-12-31We have no more resolutions to make.
2013-12-30We’re beginning to begin to believe.
2013-12-29Next year I will make better enemies.
2013-12-28Protect the little light of your own life.
2013-12-27Walk far enough away and the stench fades.
2013-12-26Silence, good grace, dignity, a broad smile.
2013-12-25Snow-capped Kerry hills and a blue background.
2013-12-24I’m inoculated against madness.
2013-12-23Smoke rising beyond The Elysian.
2013-12-22Destroy the evidence, shred everything!
2013-12-21Exquisite equipment of general death.
2013-12-20You shall not whisper love to your android.
2013-12-19You must not say the word ephemeral.
2013-12-18You cannot wear blue jumpers any more.
2013-12-17WMDs was the Trojan Horse.
2013-12-16Learning to love in the middle of hate.
2013-12-15The sheep think that only the goats will die.
2013-12-14Mandela was Shelley’s Prometheus.
2013-12-13People die in the middle of their lives.
2013-12-12Grey smokey city trying to wake up.
2013-12-11I cannot write about your cruelty.
2013-12-10All the trees have entered a winter sleep.
2013-12-09The Gathering is happening else where.
2013-12-08The giant sycamore has one last leaf.
2013-12-07You should have your own triumphal column.
2013-12-06Warrior, lover, poet and statesman.
2013-12-05Read you melancholy, hopeless poems.
2013-12-04Trying to teach them monsters and events.
2013-12-03The echo, ghostly music of the dead.
2013-12-02You gave us the lake and I learnt to write.
2013-12-01I was all tears, now I’m a little less.
2013-11-30I wrote you poems you will never read.
2013-11-29Every time I left you I said goodbye.
2013-11-28Uninvolved, uninspired classroom of frowns.
2013-11-27Implausible, clownish ‘full’ Professor.
2013-11-26Inscrutable pointy-jawed scientist.
2013-11-25Inflatable rubber politician.
2013-11-24Pity you cannot eat all of these leaves.
2013-11-23Imagination is catastrophe.
2013-11-22Fifty years on and we still speak of ‘them’.
2013-11-21Dog marvels at man who marvels at stars.
2013-11-20We are all recklessly optimistic.
2013-11-19George Bush reading the Gettysburg Address.
2013-11-18I will not miss your collective silence.
2013-11-17Tout autre est tout autre, that’s for sure!
2013-11-16Shall I let you see through the hole today?
2013-11-15The dream is over, and what can we say.
2013-11-14So that now is never and always now.
2013-11-13You are reading this now, but this is now.
2013-11-12Autobiography remains alone.
2013-11-11One life cannot stand for another life.
2013-11-10Quality-approved, calibrated shit.
2013-11-09Indexed-linked, hyper-inflated moron.
2013-11-08My ears were made for Elvis Costello.
2013-11-07With this amount of flies there is a corpse.
2013-11-06Large societies, dead institutions.
2013-11-05I made a vow, it was not about you.
2013-11-04Three cans of Raid should kill off the bastards.
2013-11-03Wearing tiny clothes and spilling their beer.
2013-11-02My crabmeat lost in a pool of sorrow.
2013-11-01Bristol estuary as the sun goes down.
2013-10-31This is our symbolic geo-gateway.
2013-10-30Chemical weapons free-zone, genocide.
2013-10-29Our love is a controlled experiment.
2013-10-28I learnt about chance before the first smack.
2013-10-27Nothing except this day to day to day.
2013-10-26No allegory, no cold metaphorics.
2013-10-25Nothing to see in here, avert your eyes.
2013-10-24No shout from the walls, no whisper, no sigh.
2013-10-23No out of bounds, no here’s the way to go.
2013-10-22No plan, no blueprint, no road map, nothing.
2013-10-21Energy zapping through the smiles and tears.
2013-10-20The gods dispense dreams and chuckle away.
2013-10-19Close the door and then imitate a ghost.
2013-10-18If it rains any more my head will sink.
2013-10-17This time I might get to the end of Freud.
2013-10-16Schoolgirls for charity on the front line.
2013-10-15Sinister piggy-eyed bloated monster.
2013-10-14The black gothic horror of a budget.
2013-10-13Trying to write about nothing at all.
2013-10-12Freed from the circus he sleeps on till noon.
2013-10-11The silence of this house is deafening.
2013-10-10Das unheimlich goes down a treat again.
2013-10-09Grass, feathers, dung, intricate weave of twigs.
2013-10-08Don’t imagine there will be a reward.
2013-10-07The past is not a value in itself.
2013-10-06Serialism of the everyday.
2013-10-05Will they make us go back and vote again.
2013-10-04I don’t think I will need an exorcist.
2013-10-03Stones in your pockets, revenge in your heart.
2013-10-02I live in a fog of disappointment.
2013-10-01Republicans shut down America.
2013-09-30Some of us still have an ego to hurt.
2013-09-29Don’t go to school only in your undies.
2013-09-28Don’t you see that it’s the sentence that sings.
2013-09-27Birds could walk if they gave up the high life.
2013-09-26Brutal realism of the senses.
2013-09-25Heroic flexibility, ha ha!
2013-09-24Dust mite scatters as I open the book.
2013-09-23I descend from space and teach them nothing.
2013-09-22Listening to Neil Young sing as you pack.
2013-09-21Angela Mertel grew up in the East.
2013-09-20Sometimes it’s simple, you love and marry.
2013-09-19Don’t play dead just because you think I'm sad.
2013-09-18If you have an itch then you should scratch it.
2013-09-17Do you think I am playing the long game?
2013-09-16With your finger look how fast my life goes
2013-09-15Syrian exodus, shame on us all.
2013-09-14There is a hole in me that cannot heal.
2013-09-13Ireland does not want its democracy.
2013-09-12Voyager breaks through, and so it begins.
2013-09-11Working for the banks and big families.
2013-09-10Answerable to no one once inside.
2013-09-09One house, full of corrupt politicians
2013-09-08Another big win for the G.A.A.
2013-09-07Diastole but without systole.
2013-09-06Limerick, a little piece of the States.
2013-09-05Big bearded patriarchs yank themselves off.
2013-09-04Deconstruction of Christianity.
2013-09-03Youtube me into your nightmarish dreams.
2013-09-02Naked squirrels invade transfer window.
2013-09-01Muppet politicians, Syrian hell.
2013-08-31Jean-Luc Nancy, body after body.
2013-08-30Seamus Heaney has gone where poets go.
2013-08-29I am a protester, you are the law.
2013-08-28We went to Pisa before it falls down.
2013-08-27Goodbye Lago, your gifts are on their way.
2013-08-26Rainbow over Polvese after rain.
2013-08-25An Italian monsoon is no fun.
2013-08-24When it’s dull you can see for miles and miles.
2013-08-23London was never the Union jack.
2013-08-22Skin of water, skin of fire, skin of air.
2013-08-21Saint Francis must have had a heavy head.
2013-08-20My annual vacation from anarchy.
2013-08-19The sun has got his hat and his sunshades on.
2013-08-18We’re in the moneyless world of Cockaigne.
2013-08-17No news. The world might have well grown up.
2013-08-16After Ferragosto on a tin roof.
2013-08-15Bottled message from the man in the moon.
2013-08-14The lago has had a long winter drink.
2013-08-13Hide me in the shelter of your cold smile.
2013-08-12Rock face is anti-anthropomorphic.
2013-08-11Stuck in a box with a Queen tribute band.
2013-08-10On my way to a meeting with the goat.
2013-08-09Everyone’s out kicking cans down the road.
2013-08-08You are eternal and less than today.
2013-08-07Why does the Lotto not listen to me.
2013-08-06I hold my sense of conscience before cash.
2013-08-05Money lenders still inside the Temple.
2013-08-04In the Bible banker is a curse word.
2013-08-03Murderer’s landslide vote of confidence.
2013-08-02Come to Moscow but throw your mouth away.
2013-08-01Antipodean toxins cancel Blur.
2013-07-31Cries in the night from god only knows where.
2013-07-30The echo that rattles inside your head.
2013-07-29Poetry is the scum that floats on top.
2013-07-28Edie Falco as the toll booth arrives.
2013-07-27Even the sea is mortgaged to the hilt.
2013-07-26The air we breathe belongs to the bankers.
2013-07-25Yawning mouth of inherited anger.
2013-07-24The Irish Revenue can fuck itself.
2013-07-23One more greedy rich mouth enters the world.
2013-07-22Tiny black weevils in the wheatabix.
2013-07-21May thousands of flies invade your nostrils.
2013-07-20May the wind attack your surgical socks.
2013-07-19May the road rise up and bite your backside.
2013-07-18Anxiety-riddled haptic spider.
2013-07-17Quizzical insects climbing up my legs.
2013-07-16Silver nitrate stabs like a thousand knives.
2013-07-15A little bit of suet in your shoes.
2013-07-14Dancing with old masters and Old Masters.
2013-07-13Shitty little fucker stealing the wine.
2013-07-12Bantry Bay and a man who knows what’s what.
2013-07-11The sun has found us out and we are stuck.
2013-07-10I’ll not live as if there’s no tomorrow.
2013-07-09And the smile on my face is not for sale.
2013-07-08The future is churning inside Egypt.
2013-07-07I’m old enough to collect enemies.
2013-07-06Woodstain splatters my body like war paint.
2013-07-05We will not be driven out of our home.
2013-07-04When did you become a monstrous cliché?
2013-07-03We don’t march because we’re sad. It’s your fault!
2013-07-02I am learning how to sleep in a bed.
2013-07-01Take my eyes and use them you crazy fool.
2013-06-30Egypt is having another party.
2013-06-29Ireland has been weeping whilst I was gone.
2013-06-28The end of the American Empire.
2013-06-27You are an antidote to many fools.
2013-06-26You are my surviving friend from the cult.
2013-06-25Got my haircut by a man with no teeth.
2013-06-24David Bowie is ... outside of my head.
2013-06-23We’ll have to build the cathedral ourselves.
2013-06-22Corruption cannot cross over water.
2013-06-21What you have been reading is an ear hole.
2013-06-20Ruined tabernacle of promises.
2013-06-19World leaders give cheesy grins and riddles.
2013-06-18The hole in my arse weeps itself to sleep.
2013-06-17Look at your shoes as bigmouth strikes once more.
2013-06-16Elephantine ego talking cows’ shit.
2013-06-15Percy Bysshe is coming back down the road.
2013-06-14Hydroelectric tear generator.
2013-06-13Daily facial flood warning area.
2013-06-12This is a small stone on top of my day.
2013-06-11Pour the beans into a bottomless jar.
2013-06-10Turn your kids into national averages.
2013-06-09Hide behind them and call them your defence.
2013-06-08The Bank of Ireland’s transparent numbers.
2013-06-07Co-authored book of hamster mysteries.
2013-06-06Been away, now I’m back, get used to it!
2013-06-05My laptop is full of frightened faces.
2013-06-04I have more iron in my head than you.
2013-06-03Hello Canada, how are ye doing?
2013-06-02The Bank of Ireland and subsistence rates.
2013-06-01My poetry is Levinasian.
2013-05-31I spat you out, you flung yourself back in.
2013-05-30She said she had green digits and I came.
2013-05-29Briars cut my eyes, thorns pierce my fingers.
2013-05-28Maybe without it the whole thing would fall.
2013-05-27Ivy has taken over the garden.
2013-05-26My eyes have been opened, I can see you.
2013-05-25European Nero, Syrian flames.
2013-05-24What allowed me to get so far behind?
2013-05-23King Louis XVII hamster plot.
2013-05-22I forgot how long we have been at war.
2013-05-21Time’s first bite leads to ideas of heaven.
2013-05-20Is there a subterranean canal?
2013-05-19How many times did you die Captain Kirk?
2013-05-18Is there a pair of eyes in the forest?
2013-05-17I have the skin of an emo. rhino.
2013-05-16Account for every penny time again.
2013-05-15I am drawn to the subject of madness.
2013-05-14If you want your rights get on an airplane.
2013-05-13The warm rain has come and the grass is high.
2013-05-12An exercise in forced lobotomy.
2013-05-11We are suffering from too many spoons.
2013-05-10So now you know what I’m capable of.
2013-05-09No one is ever going to love you.
2013-05-08Sir Alex walks off into the sunset.
2013-05-07I’m like wot r u like? n she’s like, wot?
2013-05-06Your salty silence is less than classy.
2013-05-05Five years since I sent smoke to the outside.
2013-05-04Absurdly tall girls don’t dance with their feet
2013-05-03In terms of the race, insects are faster.
2013-05-02Losers are those who get close to winning.
2013-05-01Eurozone after party crap-fed loons.
2013-04-30The drip you can’t fix is ruling the Dail.
2013-04-29The drip you can’t fix is staining your house.
2013-04-28Self-sabotage as a style of soccer.
2013-04-27Back to that place of camera-friendly stones.
2013-04-26Let’s run away over Kerry mountains.
2013-04-25There’s someone new in the world that I like.
2013-04-24If you’ve read all your books you’re not trying.
2013-04-23Why do you insist on getting older?
2013-04-22It’s either mutual or a form of war.
2013-04-21Do not forget you’re flying to Gatwick.
2013-04-20If we kill you it’s a ‘systems failure.’
2013-04-19We are sorry, it’s a Catholic thing.
2013-04-18America keeps its guns to kill kids.
2013-04-17And in the end it came for you. Gotcha!
2013-04-16Croke Park 2 is a shabby joke for fools.
2013-04-15I saw the hole I had fallen into.
2013-04-14It’s too windy for you to be leaving.
2013-04-13Modernism can be about the moon.
2013-04-12Got the casadasatraphobia blues.
2013-04-11Colonised by a colonoscopy.
2013-04-10There is such a thing as society.
2013-04-09A mighty evil is silent tonight.
2013-04-08I don’t want to snuff it in hospital.
2013-04-07Bring me the heat of the world in a cup.
2013-04-06Nightmare dream about endless paper work.
2013-04-05A head full of daggers and smooth round stones.
2013-04-04Ian Duncan Smith on fifty three pounds!
2013-04-03innit! innit! innit! innit! innit!
2013-04-02There’s a Cockney poetry problem here.
2013-04-01There is no sisterhood in poetry.
2013-03-31Are you really going to keep this up?
2013-03-30Wild garlic is eating up the garden.
2013-03-29There is no brotherhood in poetry.
2013-03-28The hole for today has just been cancelled.
2013-03-27Apparently this is a life sentence.
2013-03-26Connectivity is not increasing.
2013-03-25Sulky boy at the back of the classroom.
2013-03-24Armpit tragedy begins to abate.
2013-03-23Global warming started in the sixties.
2013-03-22Apparently this is a life poem.
2013-03-21Take away “ruin”, just say I’m thrifty.
2013-03-20I don’t believe you do this every day.
2013-03-19I am angry because you are stupid!
2013-03-18Political “Syria-speak” bullshit!
2013-03-17Second amendment shit-for-brains moron.
2013-03-16When she met them again they had clothes on.
2013-03-15Have your x-ray eyes seen through everything?
2013-03-14Teaching badly less than teaching nothing.
2013-03-13Losing with style less than losing at all.
2013-03-12Being spotted more than being ignored.
2013-03-11Morrissey less than David’s new cd.
2013-03-10Rubberized legs more than rubberized vans.
2013-03-09Wandering out in an idiot dream.
2013-03-08If I am a troll then I should eat you!
2013-03-07Aren’t you a big boy with your ready Greek!
2013-03-06Where is the hair on the back of your neck?
2013-03-05Where is that corridor of vast surprise?
2013-03-04Where is that island of sea and slippers?
2013-03-03The government wonders why no one votes.
2013-03-02The government watches from a distance.
2013-03-01The government owns your children’s children.
2013-02-28The government executes non-shoppers.
2013-02-27The government accumulates despair.
2013-02-26The government says health through suicide.
2013-02-25Hermeneutic gap, thin ozone layer.
2013-02-24The hole in my heart is getting bigger.
2013-02-23The U.N. is a cholera outbreak.
2013-02-22If the world wants, it can come and get me.
2013-02-21The hole in my arse is getting smaller.
2013-02-20Sometimes you are more than articulate.
2013-02-19My first ever one euro Polo Mints.
2013-02-18Healing from the inside is not easy.
2013-02-17I can see the logic in giving birth.
2013-02-16Syria is normalised genocide.
2013-02-15Talk about wound dressing, talk about holes.
2013-02-14Fistula like Derrida and Auden.
2013-02-13Poetry is an unplugged one inch hole.
2013-02-12Poetry is as difficult as death.
2013-02-11Poetry is as easy as breathing.
2013-02-10Euro secret society budget.
2013-02-09Call me old fashioned, pain makes me cranky.
2013-02-08Kick me in the stomach and call me Bob!
2013-02-07The filthy rich shall inherit the earth.
2013-02-06Hospital and its hospitality.
2013-02-05Do not look for me tomorrow or next.
2013-02-04Malala seems to me our angel face.
2013-02-03I have a backside full of puss and pain.
2013-02-02Write about the moon and of nothing else.
2013-02-01Hilary’s giant carbon footstep stops.
2013-01-31Rain crashing down on ghost of green machine.
2013-01-30Do I sound viciously resentful? Moi?
2013-01-29Look up, smile, you are not in Syria.
2013-01-28You cannot blame these eurozone flunkies.
2013-01-27You cannot blame the Salvation Army.
2013-01-26You cannot blame the iPad’s lost ID.
2013-01-25You cannot blame that white bowl full of stones.
2013-01-24You cannot blame the sound of windy trees.
2013-01-23You cannot blame the cat that comes to stay.
2013-01-22You cannot blame a refrigerator.
2013-01-21That box of eggs was a real box of frogs.
2013-01-20New Year’s resolution, give up grammar.
2013-01-19Post-traumatic pathological art.
2013-01-18You always were a little belated.
2013-01-17The best time to start this would have been spring.
2013-01-16Arthur C. Clarke makes Jupiter a star.
2013-01-15I do hope I’ve taken a wrong turn.
2013-01-14Irresponsibility is healthy!
2013-01-13Football songs about fiscal challenges.
2013-01-12Seabass conversation and arrivals.
2013-01-11My friends are busy making the future.
2013-01-10Walking to work with you gives me courage.
2013-01-09The dragon is slain, breakfast has been served.
2013-01-08Pass me the giant tissue of your love.
2013-01-07Disappointing troop dance abnegation.
2013-01-06Let’s start this year as we mean to go on.
2013-01-05They cut his throat, then cut off his penis.
2013-01-04Bankers are snug in rabbit-style onsies.
2013-01-03Please do not mind if I cheat a little.
2013-01-02Back to the Kingdom and Polybius.
2013-01-01Idiots do not do well in my house.
2012-12-31That is not a reindeer! That is King Puck!
2012-12-30Without you no reason to come back home.
2012-12-29You woke up St. Francis of Assisi.
2012-12-28They sacrifice children to the gun god.
2012-12-27The Christmas poem tradition revived.
2012-12-26Arsenal cannot play, the world looks elsewhere.
2012-12-25Cliff Richard nightmare Christmas single dream.
2012-12-24Parcel me out the soap-opera menu.
2012-12-23Six years on an unpredictable ride.
2012-12-22My god daughter singing like a diva.
2012-12-21Hiccups are dangerous, they can kill you!
2012-12-20Alfred Hitchcock helps me to sleep at night.
2012-12-19It rained again today, so I gave up.
2012-12-18I woke up wishing I had gone to sleep.
2012-12-17No one in this town wants to cut my hair.
2012-12-16America will never give up guns.
2012-12-15Sandy Hook School must be a watershed.
2012-12-14We are not free if our children are shot.
2012-12-13Absurd poets take over the campus.
2012-12-12Echo at the back of my head like time.
2012-12-11The BBC is a scandalous sham.
2012-12-10Grins like the cheeky bastard that he is.
2012-12-09Illegal civilian drone attack.
2012-12-08This is being penned by an avatar.
2012-12-07Yesterday’s line was about you today.
2012-12-06You are now the you replacing the you.
2012-12-05Egypt wants another revolution.
2012-12-04This will be another speck in the glass.
2012-12-03My stomach should sign a record label.
2012-12-02Israel buries its fist in the sand.
2012-12-01Egypt wakes up with a bad hangover.
2012-11-30Chocolate snowball poltergeist cue-tips.
2012-11-29The BBC looks like the Catholic Church.
2012-11-28Update the software package in your brain.
2012-11-27The dog reflects as it stares at the sun.
2012-11-26Eurozone is an insatiable mouth.
2012-11-25Getting old happens to other people.
2012-11-24Surgical strike Assad out of living.
2012-11-23Looking for your fringe in the airport lounge.
2012-11-22One more day and I’ll be alive again.
2012-11-21Hell is a library full of whisperers.
2012-11-20Tiptoeing through other people’s garbage.
2012-11-19Did I tell you things are a little tight?
2012-11-18I cannot afford tomorrow’s workload.
2012-11-17I cannot afford to walk in the rain.
2012-11-16I cannot afford the kiss on your lips.
2012-11-15I cannot afford the front grass to grow.
2012-11-14I cannot afford to listen to you.
2012-11-13I cannot afford to write poetry.
2012-11-12I cannot afford to step out the door.
2012-11-11The upper sky is dark and full of ghosts.
2012-11-10Kubrick’s The Shining with half an hour more.
2012-11-09Such a shame we didn’t meet Piggy boy.
2012-11-08Waking up next to you is my reward.
2012-11-07Sometimes fear is less powerful than hope.
2012-11-06We are too tired to witness history.
2012-11-05Listening to Dante in the B. L.
2012-11-04Crumble is not impressive or Bond-like.
2012-11-03London is not drowning. London is fine.
2012-11-02There’s more than one President in our lives.
2012-11-01I have forgotten to look at my toes.
2012-10-31Water, water, everywhere, in our time.
2012-10-30I would be tempted to stay in my house.
2012-10-29Romney’s hair is attempting to escape.
2012-10-28I have a piano I cannot play.
2012-10-27Jimmy Saville always made me nervous.
2012-10-26Wheels go round, wings flap, stomachs sag, mouths gape.
2012-10-25You do not get monsters out of toy shops.
2012-10-24President Obama is going grey.
2012-10-23Much talk about chance and necessity.
2012-10-22A little bird has shat on my window.
2012-10-21I am alone. This is a haunted house.
2012-10-20Much talk about monkeys and computers.
2012-10-19Every morning I sniff myself awake.
2012-10-18She had a little mole on her forehead.
2012-10-17Nobody works in the Bank any more.
2012-10-16You can stick your Dublin 4 up your arse!
2012-10-15Deconstruction is never teachable.
2012-10-14FN comes down from the mountain and chokes.
2012-10-13Statistical analysis my arse.
2012-10-12Every time I eat I am a sick dog.
2012-10-11They’ve given ‘medieval’ a bad name.
2012-10-10I’ve made a list of everything we’ve lost.
2012-10-09You made me want to close my eyes in prayer.
2012-10-08If I do not raise my voice now, then when?
2012-10-07Malala you are everyone’s hero.
2012-10-06The curtains of this house are eyelids.
2012-10-05You do not know that I have written this.
2012-10-04You wake up and yesterday’s news is old.
2012-10-03Is it pronounced Arsenal or Arsenal?
2012-10-02Tear your way through to see his nakedness.
2012-10-01Will those who vote you in howl with big tears.
2012-09-30Will the money you spend be worth spending.
2012-09-29Will your shoes shine with the sparkle of truth.
2012-09-28Will your suits be dry cleaned and powerful.
2012-09-27Will your feet walk a straight and narrow path.
2012-09-26Will your fingers point through to the future.
2012-09-25Will the tip of your tongue catch a fire.
2012-09-24Will you put money in Liberty’s hand?
2012-09-23When the election’s won will you help them?
2012-09-22Mitt is certainly not with it! Get it?
2012-09-21Mitt Romney is an hilarious joke.
2012-09-20"Appearance is a not-showing-itself."
2012-09-19This is due to an art of admission.
2012-09-18I only had eyes for Al Pacino.
2012-09-17"I don’t hate them, I just want them to lose!"
2012-09-16One day when computers have learnt to breed.
2012-09-15One day they will call this the Dark Ages.
2012-09-14On the other side I have drawn the moon.
2012-09-1396 souls we will never forget.
2012-09-12All the door panels have small liver spots.
2012-09-11I will not be going to Geneva.
2012-09-10By eleven the tracksuits reappear.
2012-09-09Mr Frankie don’t live here any more.
2012-09-08I am hovering my way to freedom.
2012-09-07Over a week and not one News Update.
2012-09-06Apocalypse Now for the leggy ones.
2012-09-05My furry friend makes me sneeze like a dog.
2012-09-04Money frightens you as much as I do.
2012-09-03Welcome to the land of the hidden sun.
2012-09-02Tomorrow I’ll have all the pens I need.
2012-09-01Don’t believe in bankers on expenses.
2012-08-31I don’t believe the markets are a brain.
2012-08-30Don’t believe in schools, hospitals and war.
2012-08-29Don’t believe in neoliberalism.
2012-08-28Don’t believe in Enlightened Capital.
2012-08-27You are my standard candle in the dark.
2012-08-26Give him a wink, he is still stepping down.
2012-08-25Look at the moon. Look at that big stone ball.
2012-08-24We have come back to pray to the rain gods.
2012-08-23Stick your hands in the air and open wide.
2012-08-22I cannot write poetry any more.
2012-08-21Jane Austen gives all her secrets away.
2012-08-20Do you think people will not remember?
2012-08-19Syria is a scandal for all of us.
2012-08-18Yahweh has forgotten his Covenant.
2012-08-17The Thinker now is on a mobile phone.
2012-08-16I’ll get a flame-thrower to the fuckers!
2012-08-15Fatal day of drunken repetition.
2012-08-14Cork is drowning, Italy a sauna.
2012-08-13The cheap seats are the ones that give the views.
2012-08-12I’ve had a nose-bleed for twenty-two months.
2012-08-11The ones that don’t kill you are a nuisance.
2012-08-10Back to the lago of suicide flies.
2012-08-09Back to my wish I was at the lago.
2012-08-08Back to the lago of soft memories.
2012-08-07Each year I struggle to find William.
2012-08-06Rome is a cauldron of cheap souvenirs.
2012-08-05Stone women cower under their own plinths.
2012-08-04Switzerland’s storms are driving me potty.
2012-08-03The devil invented I.S.B.N.
2012-08-02That’s enough fireworks for me, thank you.
2012-08-01Dreaming of you, didn’t want to get up.
2012-07-31Fix all these nouns within the eye of God.
2012-07-30Switzerland refills a hole it just dug.
2012-07-29Is anxiety an Olympic sport?
2012-07-28If you feed me I will tell you stories.
2012-07-27Heidegger looks out at that great green mass.
2012-07-26Harold Bloom is an unweeded garden.
2012-07-25Scalp me again with your wonderful verse.
2012-07-24Three acts of Hamlet and we’re pushing on.
2012-07-23Respect is what I expect from my friends.
2012-07-22St. Gallen is full of religious books.
2012-07-21I have no net, no telly and no news.
2012-07-20Who is Socrates and who is Plato?
2012-07-19Hamlet is a poem about dust mites.
2012-07-18Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, let a thousand Blooms.
2012-07-17Twenty-five years of our lives in a box.
2012-07-16I live it forwards, you read it backwards.
2012-07-15I write this in advance of Switzerland.
2012-07-14It feels like dying to leave your front door.
2012-07-13Getting my haircut on the Roman Road.
2012-07-12You will always be my Wild Irish Girl.
2012-07-11All summer long they never saw the sun.
2012-07-10They squeeze me dry before they let me go.
2012-07-09I’m not even sure I’d like to meet him.
2012-07-08Andy Murray will not win Wimbledon.
2012-07-07Thank god I own only books and cds!
2012-07-06Moving back to what I call the big house.
2012-07-05Bomb disposal experts disturb their sleep.
2012-07-04Did you find yourself where you thought you’d be?
2012-07-03Going to work is like going to war.
2012-07-02I get drunk at thirty-five thousand feet.
2012-07-01Assad is now attacking rebel ghosts.
2012-06-30In truth I don’t know the guy from Adam.
2012-06-29Data mining less dangerous than coal.
2012-06-28London is a bitch with a pair of lungs.
2012-06-27Militant centrism fucks up the world.
2012-06-26Julian Assange is a friend of mine.
2012-06-25I am with you and my body’s on fire.
2012-06-24We should send guns to Syrian rebels.
2012-06-23Gloopy worms crawling out of his eyeballs.
2012-06-22Deconstructive, anti-community.
2012-06-21Thinking out loud is very difficult.
2012-06-20Norwich cathedral, khôra, whiskey breath.
2012-06-19Found myself in a tupperware party.
2012-06-18Justice looking for a place of safety.
2012-06-17From today I have no ties with this place.
2012-06-16Aung San Suu Kyi catches up with herself.
2012-06-15Arsenal girl in devotion of Theo.
2012-06-14Fatter, uglier, and a bit wiser.
2012-06-13World revolution or table tennis.
2012-06-12Hitchcock’s Vertigo, all metalepsis.
2012-06-11All those tiny triangles annoyed me.
2012-06-10The wandering planets had to learn their tasks.
2012-06-09Far older than the very name of god.
2012-06-08so I never ever speak of myself.
2012-06-07I only ever speak here of myself
2012-06-06Sneak out of that inner pocket of sin.
2012-06-05What’s wrong with the university, yeah!
2012-06-04My philosophy books have attacked me.
2012-06-03Terrorism: an adaptable word.
2012-06-02I did not think I would meet you again.
2012-06-01Dublin hotel, seaside panorama.
2012-05-31I wish no living thing to suffer pain.
2012-05-30Completely visible under your nose.
2012-05-29The lump that you can’t see is just a lump.
2012-05-28Let wild anxiety wash through her mind.
2012-05-27I am a library book, you are a fine.
2012-05-26If I could I would tell only of me.
2012-05-25Sucked up in the great Hoover of your love.
2012-05-24Maintenance, hand job, J. Hillis Miller.
2012-05-23Destinerrancy, words sizzle and pop.
2012-05-22I am off to Limerick Prison, so.
2012-05-21Another twist of the prison motif.
2012-05-20South west London, you are a whore on heat!
2012-05-19 I am a frying pan, you are two eggs.
2012-05-18 Invisible sweaty eyes on your neck.
2012-05-17I am a bottle, you are a big ship.
2012-05-16The grass seed lies there like so much bird food.
2012-05-15She sits there smiling, like butter wouldn’t …
2012-05-14There is a Mafia runs this country!
2012-05-13Millennialism without his nibs.
2012-05-12For all I know, the Second Coming’s Come.
2012-05-11Hannibal says he will never leave me.
2012-05-10Just let me go home and write my novel.
2012-05-09Historical institute of denial.
2012-05-08Trinity College in a sudden shower.
2012-05-07You are sinking and I cannot help you.
2012-05-06Let’s try a novel approach, let’s be fair.
2012-05-05A rainbow devoid of any colour.
2012-05-04I’ve forgotten where I wrote today down.
2012-05-03Why not live in an Ivory Tower?
2012-05-02We’ve stolen all the price-tags and burnt them.
2012-05-01Where’s the line between sentiment and soap?
2012-04-30Let damnation fall down upon her eyes.
2012-04-29Back to the emigration airport scene.
2012-04-28The scale of the problem is alarming.
2012-04-27Sometimes you have to drink to get better.
2012-04-26The best man and the worst man was a hit.
2012-04-25I think she thinks I’m bitter and twisted.
2012-04-24I never thought I would cheer for Chelsea.
2012-04-23I am drowning in an ocean of books.
2012-04-22One day I will die because I can’t spell!
2012-04-21Why should weddings have Victorian verse?
2012-04-20I fear I have exceeded my word length.
2012-04-19I am Norman Stanley Fecking Fletcher!
2012-04-18I wanted to say, you are an actor.
2012-04-17Edgar Allan Poe’s dead chick chic poems.
2012-04-16This is the diary of a constant war.
2012-04-15Afghanistan is about to explode.
2012-04-14They made a film out of Maggie Thatcher.
2012-04-13Real people, real girls, real politics. Lies!
2012-04-12He cut out her eyes and left her to mourn.
2012-04-11Kings will always kill the kakangelist.
2012-04-10Kubrick gives a new slant on angel face.
2012-04-09An aesthetic of simple persistence.
2012-04-08This I find is creative non-fiction.
2012-04-07Unacceptable, a U.N. cliché.
2012-04-06Twenty-eight years doesn’t seem to matter.
2012-04-05Haruki Murakami on the train.
2012-04-04So you think you’re going to find a job.
2012-04-03Stanley Kubrick in The British Library.
2012-04-02You have now seen the Angel of the North.
2012-04-01Titian’s Three Ages has an exit route.
2012-03-31Arthur’s Seat has become multicultural.
2012-03-30Those Fokker 50 days are back again.
2012-03-29By the time he blinked you had him in sight.
2012-03-28Richard Branson doesn’t have this problem.
2012-03-27Three hundred more years and we will be free.
2012-03-26If you look at him you will have to pay.
2012-03-25Hide all the numbers lower than twenty.
2012-03-24The boxes of chocolates are not for you.
2012-03-23We cannot eat meat until we’re solvent.
2012-03-22The bank is rationing our oxygen.
2012-03-21The sunshine is too expensive for us.
2012-03-20We can’t afford to live at the moment.
2012-03-19Assad! You are running out of people!
2012-03-18Folds of light up and down her folded legs.
2012-03-17Bank of Ireland is an oxymoron.
2012-03-16Darkness pools, the light exerts dominion.
2012-03-15Syria now to the criminal court!
2012-03-14Bank of Ireland’s computer hates my guts.
2012-03-13Bank of Ireland wants to get rid of me.
2012-03-12Naughty little stinking little bugger!
2012-03-11Bank of Ireland is sponsoring the end.
2012-03-10Pleasure is not a word I often use.
2012-03-09This is the land of men and their small dogs.
2012-03-08Send off your peepholes to John once again.
2012-03-07The open window of her face was wrong.
2012-03-06The moon is as large as it can manage.
2012-03-05Start writing poetry during meetings.
2012-03-04It appears I don’t write books any more.
2012-03-02This house is a floodlit Kubrick movie.
2012-03-01The brown boy said hello to me today.
2012-02-29The grandson, the delicate one has gone.
2012-02-28Fear to be alive inside of your house.
2012-02-27Syria is happening as we speak.
2012-02-26They won’t get the double up White Hart Lane!
2012-02-25Nice to behave as if we existed.
2012-02-24I am learning to say the phrase "No thanks."
2012-02-23I’m so sorry I went and shat on you!
2012-02-22Helen Mirren adjusting her stockings.
2012-02-21Dante is a very good meeting point.
2012-02-20The lumpen masses are finding their voice.
2012-02-19Why do I have to leave where my nest is?
2012-02-18Portion me out the Nachlass of Nietzsche.
2012-02-17Look out there at the Erotic Gherkin!
2012-02-16Would you like to come for coffee? No thanks
2012-02-15Michael Heseltine whipping up his fringe.
2012-02-14The ones who don’t say sorry hate your guts.
2012-02-13She had the most astonishing pupils.
2012-02-12I would never grow such a fuzzy beard.
2012-02-11No torture used, just very hard questions.
2012-02-10Iarnrod Eireann all shiny and new.
2012-02-09Denis Healey, Norman Lamont, eyebrows!
2012-02-08You know who you are! Don’t pretend you don’t!
2012-02-07Ha bloody ha! Tell me another one!
2012-02-06All the jokes about eggs and phalluses.
2012-02-05I got screwed. You got screwed. We all got screwed.
2012-02-04Somewhere in the rushes we all got screwed.
2012-02-03The Royal Mail has forgotten my name.
2012-02-02Tony Benn with another cup of tea.
2012-02-01Michael Foot with his shabby dufflecoat.
2012-01-31Jim Callaghan with his trousers undone.
2012-01-30Margaret Thatcher gifting bottles of milk.
2012-01-29Harold Wilson with a pipe in his mouth.
2012-01-28Neo-liberals party into the night.
2012-01-27Downgrade my triple A-rated conscience.
2012-01-26If you want me then you really want me.
2012-01-25Germany doesn’t really feel the need
2012-01-24I’ve told that joke now for seventeen years.
2012-01-23History men are loud and aggressive.
2012-01-22Playing laptop solitaire as Rome burns.
2012-01-21Croatia has not been watching the news.
2012-01-20Gallery Press is a very tight press.
2012-01-19There was a time when I used to buy books.
2012-01-18Limerick gaol is not salubrious.
2012-01-17Chinese Joyce scholar gave me a brown box.
2012-01-16Old friends packed like sardines in a book launch.
2012-01-15Would not want to be in that Captain’s shoes.
2012-01-14History’s a shark, your leg in its mouth.
2012-01-13A trail of rain soaked blood leading nowhere.
2012-01-12We hit the button and the world has eyes.
2012-01-11I can’t see the end game in Syria.
2012-01-10My students don’t know if I’m serious.
2012-01-09Be brave! Be a bit more unpopular!
2012-01-08So that what is impenetrable counts.
2012-01-07Get close enough to the wall and you’ll see.
2012-01-06I have invented a new form of art.
2012-01-05Must be non-smoking and bereft of hope.
2012-01-04The worst of the stormy weather has gone.
2012-01-03I remember he said, just forget it!
2012-01-02Ex-dictator seeks subdued populace.
2012-01-01I’m so glad you have a girlfriend again!
2011-12-31Give your best face to those who are leaving.
2011-12-30That was your home place for another year.
2011-12-29Local Nazi Loyalist scum handshake.
2011-12-28Syria will turn the spring to winter.
2011-12-27She has no words left, she is waiting now.
2011-12-26I know nothing save that the worst might come.
2011-12-25The Queen lives in a palace with her dogs.
2011-12-24The Birth of Tragedy needs rereading.
2011-12-23Five years have gone, five years! Would you coco?
2011-12-22Canterbury, muddy feet and friendship.
2011-12-21I’ve finished one unfinishable book.
2011-12-20I am on the verge of a big fuck up!
2011-12-19Self-immolating anniversary.
2011-12-18Vaclav Havel has gone up to the lights.
2011-12-17I wouldn’t have your life for the whole world.
2011-12-16Some revolutions don’t work on tv.
2011-12-15They came, they patrolled, they left a ruin.
2011-12-14For some people trauma is waking up.
2011-12-13Turbulence is no problem when you’re drunk.
2011-12-12Moonface is shaded in a sea of piss.
2011-12-11This day has been cancelled from the record.
2011-12-10Am I anything more than my desire?
2011-12-09Cameron threw the toys out of the cot.
2011-12-08If you prick me do I not do more work.
2011-12-07Stout is nothing if atheistical.
2011-12-06Did ye all just see what I did just there?
2011-12-05A pipe band playing within the barracks.
2011-12-04The biggest secret is between your legs.
2011-12-03They might at one point kick down the front door.
2011-12-02My backside is like an ancient ruin.
2011-12-01She’s a mix of angel and freakishness.
2011-11-30Frozen homes, chattering teeth, woolly tights.
2011-11-29No one would notice if I slipped away.
2011-11-28I have enough money till pay day comes.
2011-11-27Never thought I’d cry over Gary Speed.
2011-11-26Depersonalisation of my life.
2011-11-25People should not underestimate me!
2011-11-24Someone is going to get their arse slapped.
2011-11-23Somebody said I was out of my depth.
2011-11-22Carry on like that and you’ll be famous!
2011-11-21Enjoyable day of viral absence.
2011-11-20Berlusconi, Italy’s greatest shame.
2011-11-19Why are you not wearing your Arsenal shirts?
2011-11-18Libya was news, Syria isn’t.
2011-11-17The eurozone is thunderous nonsense.
2011-11-16The spiders know when to get ambitious.
2011-11-15There’s something going on here, I don’t know.
2011-11-14I won’t turn Syria into scansion.
2011-11-13The eurozone is perverted clergy.
2011-11-12The eurozone is a mosquito bite.
2011-11-11The eurozone is a new strain of flu.
2011-11-10The eurozone is an empty mirror.
2011-11-09The eurozone is a slap in the face.
2011-11-08The eurozone can’t look me in the eye.
2011-11-07Military Hill is a strong failed poem.
2011-11-06The eurozone is a bucket of puke.
2011-11-05Should have asked the neighbours before you went.
2011-11-04I did not know there would be so much grey!
2011-11-03I woke up to a Richter monoprint.
2011-11-02The eurozone is cheating at cricket.
2011-11-01I would do something but I’m so darn tired!
2011-10-31Occupy St Pauls! Occupy your brain!
2011-10-30The eurozone is a stillborn baby.
2011-10-29The eurozone is a bout of the clap.
2011-10-28The eurozone is the seventh circle.
2011-10-27The eurozone is furs and no knickers.
2011-10-26I have escaped from the rain for a day.
2011-10-25The eurozone is driving while you’re pissed.
2011-10-24The eurozone is birdshit on the road.
2011-10-23The eurozone is an unfunny joke.
2011-10-22Everything happens for a reason, yeah!
2011-10-21Politicians in a charity shop.
2011-10-20Joy in Ecclefecan and environs.
2011-10-19You can be charismatic and fascist.
2011-10-18She is still drowning in wet resentment.
2011-10-17We long for cessation of recession.
2011-10-16My ambition would be to read a book.
2011-10-15The single mums take over the catwalk.
2011-10-14It is caused by stress and too much whiskey.
2011-10-13It’s like when you burn toast, it leaves a trace.
2011-10-12But he’s hopelessly lost in the present.
2011-10-11How long ago since we wrote a poem?
2011-10-10Gay Mitchell knows the future and the past.
2011-10-09We are all haunted by the great elsewhere.
2011-10-08Lonely gold trumpet on top of your church.
2011-10-07Most of my friends think I’m dead and buried.
2011-10-06Write poems in bed, shag in the open.
2011-10-05Ruled by an invisible government.
2011-10-04Mortgage advisor threatens my children.
2011-10-03Too late, but I understand it all now.
2011-10-02I am exhausted, I have no new words.
2011-10-01Turn off the tv, watch the radio.
2011-09-30Life is enjoyable ruination.
2011-09-29Gaddafi’s son must be a great kisser!
2011-09-28Open the window, let the smog come in.
2011-09-27Frowns all round when I mentioned world war three.
2011-09-26De rerum natura slipped from my hand.
2011-09-25My lesson plan is to talk in their ears.
2011-09-24Spine of a whale hanging from the ceiling.
2011-09-23Spent my research day curled up in a ball.
2011-09-22The side kick looked at me with pleading eyes.
2011-09-21Let’s get in the classroom and kick some shit!
2011-09-20Did I tell you Friedrich Nietzsche was dead?
2011-09-19Tiny little fishes nibbling her feet.
2011-09-18Arrogance all round, biting their bottoms.
2011-09-17The whole of Ireland jumping up and down.
2011-09-16For all I know it has started to rain.
2011-09-15An unbearable absence of soundtrack.
2011-09-14Rudolf Mössbauer reduced to atoms.
2011-09-13A spider as big as a boxer’s fist.
2011-09-12So you went for the non-acknowledgement.
2011-09-11Can’t fly, won’t fly, nobody’s business now.
2011-09-10Can we make the boat as we sail away?
2011-09-09Who’s going to feed them and keep them warm?
2011-09-08Seven billion people and no hope.
2011-09-07Water seeps in through the tiniest cracks.
2011-09-06I support you because you are displaced.
2011-09-05Please understand, I don’t do anything!
2011-09-04Chinese Jane Austen lives in a vacuum.
2011-09-03Narcissistic gravitational pull.
2011-09-02It’s all over now, you can clap your hands.
2011-09-01Have you written the sentence for today?
2011-08-31This has been a one poem holiday.
2011-08-30Lose the bananas and you’d be fruit free.
2011-08-29That’s not a sentence I could ever say.
2011-08-28Kiss me on the head and call me Charlie.
2011-08-27These London clouds are far too dramatic.
2011-08-26Woke this morning with a hole in my head.
2011-08-25Island behind the weatherman’s shoulder.
2011-08-24Gaddafi isn’t dead, he’s just defunct!
2011-08-23Motorola revolutionaries.
2011-08-22Socio-historical networking.
2011-08-21Tripoli is a noisy place tonight.
2011-08-20I lost another perfect song today.
2011-08-19Put all the books you have read on the shelf.
2011-08-18I ♥ the East End. I ♥ paid labour.
2011-08-17Pull out, dust down, the domino effect.
2011-08-16Lock them all up and throw away the keys.
2011-08-15The Shard displaces erotic gherkin.
2011-08-14Perugia airport is full of Brits.
2011-08-13Every evening a bloody spectacle.
2011-08-12Cicadas, cicalas, greccos, crickets.
2011-08-11No one cares about Hannibal but me.
2011-08-10Put all the unread books into boxes.
2011-08-09Stand up there Boris! Now’s your time to shine!
2011-08-08London is burning and no one knows why.
2011-08-07Walt Whitman is a relative of mine.
2011-08-06This notebook has been washed in the lago.
2011-08-05The best insurance against our dotage.
2011-08-04We lost the battle and we lost the war.
2011-08-03I have not done justice to the lizards.
2011-08-02I have found my quiet nook of still time.
2011-08-01The sun-flowers grew large and lost the sun.
2011-07-31Carrietta White is a good monster.
2011-07-30Passignano again with my daughter.
2011-07-29I said things a gentleman should not say.
2011-07-28He wore headphones all the way through dinner.
2011-07-27Discontinuous, disingenuous.
2011-07-26They found each other on a library shelf.
2011-07-25I am shocked at the idiot in me.
2011-07-24Shoeshine soft porn soda water shuffle.
2011-07-23Amy Winehouse and eighty-five children.
2011-07-22What are we gonna get for her indoors?
2011-07-21I am a curator of modern art!
2011-07-20The tree hides the moon, I am primitive.
2011-07-19We have giggled our way into friendship.
2011-07-18My father is beginning to shuffle.
2011-07-17I threw the Sunday Business Post at him.
2011-07-16I have my hands stuck in front of my eyes.
2011-07-15What have I told my children to believe?
2011-07-14Sand upon sand soaks up seasons of blood.
2011-07-13With my sense of smell solitude’s a risk.
2011-07-12I cannot get reconnected again.
2011-07-11Did I do wrong in calling them horses?
2011-07-10There are no more asteroids in my head.
2011-07-09With hindsight I know I’ve made some mistakes.
2011-07-08Books leave me open to greed and desire.
2011-07-07Wasps creep out of little holes in my head.
2011-07-06There was only ever one mothership.
2011-07-05Here comes Johnny! is peering through the slit.
2011-07-04I would take myself down to the Clancy's.
2011-07-03Forgive me if I don’t drink to your health.
2011-07-02Vespa! The whole fucking place is swarming!
2011-07-01I am sleeping my way through a sand storm.
2011-06-30One day a week without advertising.
2011-06-29S. K. must have been reading Mandeville.
2011-06-28The marmalade just keeps on arriving.
2011-06-27Little yellow snail admires my labour.
2011-06-26Kiss my arse and call me a Protestant.
2011-06-25A full head of hair and a big cigar.
2011-06-24Neocon art hating Catholic sluts.
2011-06-23I’m thinking about becoming Irish.
2011-06-22Clean the toilet and then do a runner.
2011-06-21Like a teenage boy with a bic razor.
2011-06-20Grandmother and child with plastic bag hats.
2011-06-19There was nowhere for me to put my hands.
2011-06-18In his underpants he seemed vulnerable.
2011-06-17We are gay men in a Brighton Hotel.
2011-06-16Also find a tongue for this time of year.
2011-06-15The stuff about Mallarmé left him cold.
2011-06-14There aren’t many laughs in the Holocaust.
2011-06-13Indistinguishability of guilt.
2011-06-12Aeroplanes fly too high for my liking.
2011-06-11Don’t give up on me just because I’m mad.
2011-06-10Freddie Mercury isn’t coming back.
2011-06-09The British Library is full of old books.
2011-06-08Syria is caught in a long echo.
2011-06-07This year cardigans have a lip of flame.
2011-06-06Desire breeds so many nonchalant looks.
2011-06-05So much unrecorded heroism.
2011-06-04I’ll knit you a solar crossword puzzle.
2011-06-03My mother used to do it on her lap.
2011-06-02Absence of said solar face, on absence.
2011-06-01Hip! Headgear of solar face, adorning.
2011-05-31Civilization and its Malcontents!
2011-05-30Tout pour moi devient allégorie.
2011-05-29Photo after photo Ils ont aimé.
2011-05-28Why not lie down and why not roll over?
2011-05-27Turn the world into a wooly jumper.
2011-05-26The cookery book says two spoons of grass.
2011-05-25Cross-stitch references to the present.
2011-05-24Every third woman knits like a madman!
2011-05-23My garden is trying to kill itself.
2011-05-22How did they not know what was happening?
2011-05-21Who let all those lonely people drive cars?
2011-05-20In the future they will wonder at us.
2011-05-19And in the end yer wan will see ye true!
2011-05-18The television is unreadable.
2011-05-17I am tired of the fight with gravity.
2011-05-16The slender Muse is taking diet pills.
2011-05-15O Lizzie Windsor won’t you stay at home!
2011-05-14The poet looks and sees a universe.
2011-05-13I know she takes me home with her at night.
2011-05-12Each day of your life is a single frame.
2011-05-11The rushing man looks and sees a brick wall.
2011-05-10Came home and read Paddy Galvin all night.
2011-05-09No one sneezes their way to victory.
2011-05-08This is a film in which everyone dies.
2011-05-07YU55 is wrecking my head.
2011-05-06She came toward me as if she wanted …
2011-05-05She always shows me her innocent legs.
2011-05-04Three years without a single cigarette.
2011-05-03History makes all my fingers shiny.
2011-05-02An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
2011-05-01Arsenal Football Club is having a laugh.
2011-04-30The moon, after all, is one that got caught.
2011-04-29Daraa al-Balad is now being starved.
2011-04-28A kiss like the creation of desire.
2011-04-27Syria explodes like a fire-cracker.
2011-04-26Your back spasms and philosophy too.
2011-04-25Kiss, catastrophe, apocalypse then.
2011-04-24Arsenal Football Club has broken my heart.
2011-04-23My dad is not getting any younger.
2011-04-22Bahrain, Benghazi, Sohar, Amman, fire.
2011-04-21Lonely little grubber, out there in space.
2011-04-20Do you think it anticipates the kiss?
2011-04-19The personal is not political.
2011-04-18With all mathematical certainty.
2011-04-17Arsenal Football Club has ruined my life.
2011-04-16The rock is smoothly gliding towards us.
2011-04-15Tokyo Electric PC will pay.
2011-04-14The vine-like plant I have no name for spreads.
2011-04-13Work like a dog and then come home to bed.
2011-04-12Arabian Spring. Fire in the desert.
2011-04-11And your monthly event has its effect.
2011-04-10I have nothing to say about today.
2011-04-09I stubbed my toe and I lost the plotline.
2011-04-08Yemen has had nothing to drink for years.
2011-04-07The toothache makes me quite illogical.
2011-04-06No revolution without casinos.
2011-04-05Libya is burning itself in two.
2011-04-04No one thinks straight when they’re in pain my dear.
2011-04-03With a waist that small you can’t eat pizza!
2011-04-02Promethean fire springs out of the earth.
2011-04-01I am as confused as America.
2011-03-31I cannot keep up with all this fury!
2011-03-30To me she has been the perfect partner.
2011-03-29For eternal damnation, press seven.
2011-03-28Violence inside me, like a snare drum’s chain.
2011-03-27David Cameron is happy at war.
2011-03-26No one to love, no one to complain to.
2011-03-25Don Paterson went away too quickly.
2011-03-24Japan exposes the nuclear lie.
2011-03-23Angel-face are you looking at that face?
2011-03-22Super bloated inflated sky-strung moon.
2011-03-21I just want to see it with my own eyes.
2011-03-20The comedian with a letter D.
2011-03-19Gaddafi is this year’s comedian.
2011-03-18History is a broken reactor.
2011-03-17The horse has bolted and bucked its rider.
2011-03-16Talking Heads. I’m catching up with myself!
2011-03-15There’s too much of this and too much of that.
2011-03-14Japan has vivid and terrible dreams.
2011-03-13There’s nothing to celebrate here but death.
2011-03-12Reactors are popping like champagne corks.
2011-03-11Water is the hardest thing in the world.
2011-03-10She was flat out like a lizard drinking.
2011-03-09Gaddaffi is dead they’re just pretending.
2011-03-08Football is dead! The referee killed it.
2011-03-07Piggy boy has been roasted and eaten!
2011-03-06Kenny Dalglish suffers from déjà vu.
2011-03-05Corrupt taximen go the longest route.
2011-03-04When am I going to win the Lotto?
2011-03-03This is pre-political poetry.
2011-03-02But I didn’t get very far did I?
2011-03-01Young girl cursing her mother as I shop.
2011-02-28Gaddafi is one of the four horsemen.
2011-02-27I wanted to gag her and tie her down.
2011-02-26If I shot my brains out I’d record it!
2011-02-25The basis and structure is what happens.
2011-02-24And don’t come back again you hag of cunts!
2011-02-23In all justice, should we shoot Gaddaffi?
2011-02-22You should read Shelley’s Masque of Anarchy!
2011-02-21Without freedom nobody is alive.
2011-02-20Suddenly this is very, very hard.
2011-02-19The Heroes of the day twitter and tweet.
2011-02-18Sing the first post-codex revolution!
2011-02-17Courage of the insulted and the damned.
2011-02-16Her eyes were fierce unforgiving fingers.
2011-02-15Visible, alien catastrophe.
2011-02-14Did I mention her face was angry fish?
2011-02-13The Middle East is the cradle and grave.
2011-02-12They’ve started to talk about dominos.
2011-02-11Angel-face transfigured into action.
2011-02-10Nowhere. Nobodaddy. Demogorgon.
2011-02-09The monolingual certainty of fate.
2011-02-08Toppled masonry outside my front door.
2011-02-07The Shahs and Dictators on their prayer mats.
2011-02-06Lacanian gaze of the desired man.
2011-02-05The noise that came out of her lungs was cruel.
2011-02-04She encourages me to climb and jump.
2011-02-03I hear her far off within my moon-dream.
2011-02-02She broke my spine and then asked me to tea.
2011-02-01I’m living a life I do not wish to!
2011-01-31She had a voice that could shatter stonework.
2011-01-30I woke up today and I could not see.
2011-01-29I noticed her in the Coffee Station.
2011-01-28She had a voice like an evil sea-bird.
2011-01-27The road makes the motorist a fascist.
2011-01-26When will salvation reach into my soul?
2011-01-25The fish we ate was neither boned nor cured.
2011-01-24When the dishwasher stops there is silence.
2011-01-23The Greens will have to choose another shade.
2011-01-22Biffo has fucked off and left us empty.
2011-01-21Cut their heads off and feed them to the wolves!
2011-01-20Tunis is pushing at a ruined wall.
2011-01-19We’re splintered into shards of broken glass.
2011-01-18Someone’s dog has had a very bad day!
2011-01-17We’ll make this the year of the broken horse.
2011-01-16Dry your eyes, straighten your trousers, and sing!
2011-01-15Gulls on Patrick Street eating broken glass.
2011-01-14But there’s nothing more sure than the return.
2011-01-13We’ll make this the year of piggie go home!
2011-01-12There are holes in the very best of days.
2011-01-11The rain carved open a hole in my shoe.
2011-01-10I’m trying to resist repetition.
2011-01-09We’ll make this the year of new arrivals.
2011-01-08We’ll make this the year of do not call us.
2011-01-07We’ll make this year the year we dry our eyes.
2011-01-06We’ll make this year the year of the scapegoat.
2011-01-05We will make this the year of penitence.
2011-01-04We will make this the year of long goodbyes.
2011-01-03We’ll make this the year of get them all out!
2011-01-02We’ll make this the year of revolving doors.
2011-01-01Logo-theo-phallogocentricism date!
2010-12-31On my own the world becomes very large.
2010-12-30Thanks for the history lesson, taxi man!
2010-12-29The ashes are safe and sound in our hands.
2010-12-28Running on the spot is a fine excuse.
2010-12-27My eyes sunk beneath multifocal glass.
2010-12-26I’ve not read the books I wanted to read.
2010-12-25Firearms, when used, often cause injuries.
2010-12-24The soft bed of dreams slowly gathers you.
2010-12-23Jumping in front of trains is dangerous.
2010-12-22Who could have anticipated all this?
2010-12-21Somebody somewhere has shaken the globe.
2010-12-20This is a public safety announcement.
2010-12-19The sun is refusing to melt the snow.
2010-12-18I am so full of tears compared to them.
2010-12-17Tolle lege, tolle lege, docteur!
2010-12-16My mother and my father watch tv.
2010-12-15People in Stratford are covered in dust.
2010-12-14A bed in Lambeth, a Bedlam lamb bed.
2010-12-13Idiot Tories have unleashed the beast.
2010-12-12The Holocaust is in a museum.
2010-12-11A Royal can’t clap about civil rights.
2010-12-10Liu Xiaobo’s empty chair is a disgrace.
2010-12-09Oh the sweet irony, off with their heads!
2010-12-08Mr Lenihan, where are your credits?
2010-12-07Everyone thinks I’m an apparition.
2010-12-06The house is old with rumour and complaint.
2010-12-05It’s a disaster! My pipes have all burst!
2010-12-04The edge of the carpet has tripped me up.
2010-12-03A golden spray of suicidal piss.
2010-12-02Settled snow on London streets, a postcard.
2010-12-01The ‘mainland’ has become dysfunctional.
2010-11-30When we get to heaven what will we do?
2010-11-29For fifty pounds more get a child-free plane.
2010-11-28Vesuvius just waiting to wake up.
2010-11-27I fumbled all my lines in Napoli.
2010-11-26Service Class with the Scotsman, decadence!
2010-11-25Like children tell lies, and fat men drink beer.
2010-11-24Government addicts, post-obit bonds. Ruin!
2010-11-23For soverignty they want to keep us poor.
2010-11-22Remark on the lack of metaphysics.
2010-11-21Biffo, Ireland’s truest metonymy.
2010-11-20Morbidly obese, Biffo dreams of pie.
2010-11-19Biffo is shameless, but not without pride.
2010-11-18The one thing Biffo needs is not on sale.
2010-11-17Biffo hasn’t felt comfortable for years.
2010-11-16Biffo is lying through his chavvy teeth.
2010-11-15Biffo says we have money till Thursday.
2010-11-14Aung San Suu Kyi steps into the dreamhouse.
2010-11-13Buy your son a coat and feed him whiskey.
2010-11-12That’s it! I’ve got it now! Mal bully Bush!
2010-11-11When the Judgement comes teach your heart to fib.
2010-11-10The Euston Flyer is not in Euston.
2010-11-09The British Library is awash with flame.
2010-11-08To blow someone up get the right address.
2010-11-07Localisation of the wet excuse.
2010-11-06Somebody sell him some tissue paper.
2010-11-05Nationalisation of the hairy tongue.
2010-11-04Obama’s got himself a bloody nose.
2010-11-03Globalisation of the plastic frog.
2010-11-02A species that likes to blow itself up.
2010-11-01Billions are this year’s twenty pound notes.
2010-10-31The best thing that I did was to love you.
2010-10-30I’m as young as I am going to be.
2010-10-29Swing it what way you like, you’re a liar!
2010-10-28I am the resurrection and the shite.
2010-10-27Termites will nibble me into the grave.
2010-10-26I am going to fall out of a plane.
2010-10-25Lightning will discover me in the end.
2010-10-24I’m going to be run down by a car.
2010-10-23How many books did you speed read today?
2010-10-22Shove them in the dirt, they will learn to swim.
2010-10-21As evil as me but with no backbone.
2010-10-20Shoot them between the eyes then forgive them.
2010-10-19Airports are the new famine terminals.
2010-10-18My belly has become my enemy.
2010-10-17If your phone’s not ringing you’re a vampire.
2010-10-16This is not the time to become stupid!
2010-10-15Books on the bookshelf having a bundle.
2010-10-14Nothing that is not there and the nothing…
2010-10-13John, I always forget to email you.
2010-10-12The clamour of resentment is ugly.
2010-10-11The green pleasant land of anxiety.
2010-10-10A floored drunkard, waiting for the next kick.
2010-10-09All letters are the production of love.
2010-10-08Calendar girls struggle over Putin.
2010-10-07Outside the bank, soldiers with machine guns.
2010-10-06They have brought me back my lost love letters.
2010-10-05I’m listening to rain and ghost gossip.
2010-10-04anything more than an accurate watch.
2010-10-03Desire is no basis on which to build
2010-10-02This is the epoch of anxiety.
2010-10-01Do First Class Passengers get there quicker?
2010-09-30The Victorians knew much about teeth.
2010-09-29Black geese are known for being fiercely dark.
2010-09-28On the deep, always swagging on the deep.
2010-09-27One more push and I’ll be invisible!
2010-09-26Every object is as hard as her heart.
2010-09-25Rogue traders, bond dealers, marionettes.
2010-09-24Episode Thirteen contains all the sex.
2010-09-23Why foxes not whales or blue-fin tuna?
2010-09-22If I were a snake I’d suffocate you!
2010-09-21Ahmadinejad in the U.N. loo.
2010-09-20So much work in order to disappear.
2010-09-19One hand is on her breast, and one under…
2010-09-18Old Man! You cannot look at her that way!
2010-09-17I wish I’d bought myself a pack of cards.
2010-09-16We’ve stopped the oil by killing all the fish.
2010-09-15The dark clouds of coherency swagging.
2010-09-14Is this now, therefore, a new beginning?
2010-09-13It was the Mulberry Bush as prison song!
2010-09-12How many candidates for Piggie-boy?
2010-09-11I do believe we will see the Last Days.
2010-09-10The climate’s been changing since time began.
2010-09-09We’re splitting the Anglo-Irish in two.
2010-09-08This week’s most popular show is Mad Men.
2010-09-07Cash nexus, punctus simplex, my arsehole!
2010-09-06The fucking FTSe is feeling frisky.
2010-09-05Mud came and washed away the innocents.
2010-09-04The earthquake dislikes commercial districts.
2010-09-03No news today, the future’s gone away.
2010-09-02Whatever Miliband will fit the suit.
2010-09-01Iraq is safe, we’re glad that it’s over.
2010-08-31How long will we have to spend underground?
2010-08-30Mr Blair looks like his swallowed something.
2010-08-29A frozen zoo in an african plane.
2010-08-28I am looking for a constant blogger.
2010-08-27Richard Dawkins has a very big tie.
2010-08-26I am writing this as a Last Man text.
2010-08-25There are unused icons on your desktop.
2010-08-24The truth is, power makes you powerful.
2010-08-23She is safe inside the culture machine.
2010-08-22I live in hope of you remembering.
2010-08-21The sun is getting brighter every day.
2010-08-20My bones are cracked, my teeth have lost their shine.
2010-08-19And the eloquence of things left unsaid.
2010-08-18Beyond points, beyond all calculation.
2010-08-17All day in a cauldron of graphic sex.
2010-08-16My stomach has returned to chalk and dust.
2010-08-15I haven’t written a poem for months.
2010-08-14I am teaching myself to dance again.
2010-08-13Maybe we can learn to be gentile.
2010-08-12She spoke like a schoolgirl who's good at maths.
2010-08-11The little prick wants me to forgive him.
2010-08-10My body is screaming in slow motion.
2010-08-09Feed up your victim before you kill her.
2010-08-08China will be a change from religion.
2010-08-07My father looks like my brother and me.
2010-08-06My little angel married a squaddie.
2010-08-05They are there with tea and Branston Pickle.
2010-08-04There is no way back from the habitual.
2010-08-03This is a hollow cave of memory.
2010-08-02Fianna Fáil should have gone to Spec Savers.
2010-08-01Fianna Fáil is a junket and a joke.
2010-07-31Fianna Fáil is a tumor in your lungs.
2010-07-30Fianna Fáil is your arse expelling blood.
2010-07-29Fianna Fáil is a fart in a vacuum.
2010-07-28Fianna Fáil is a paedophile’s wet dream.
2010-07-27Fianna Fáil is a large Pantomine Horse.
2010-07-26It might not be a prison-song at all.
2010-07-25I recall the house in Ecclefechan.
2010-07-24I remember the brown stained sodden moors.
2010-07-23There is a crime scene around the corner.
2010-07-22Good advice, go and put a cap on it!
2010-07-21Lit. Crit. and without the criticism.
2010-07-20I will not write for children anymore.
2010-07-19Rubbish is just sand and grey pebbledash.
2010-07-18He has become his own auto-icon.
2010-07-17How many memory technologies?
2010-07-16Till we have built Jerusalem, somewhere.
2010-07-15How many wars can you safely ignore.
2010-07-14We still make volunteers to be shot at.
2010-07-13My lovely niece is to be military.
2010-07-12Talcum Powder poison on the carpet.
2010-07-11The shifter is the active agent here.
2010-07-10I do not understand her purple hair.
2010-07-09I do not understand her brevity.
2010-07-08Sick in the stomach because of no food.
2010-07-07This will become like my Fanny Burney.
2010-07-06No one will admit they voted them in.
2010-07-05Fianna Fáil will win the next election.
2010-07-04Fianna Fáil is our excuse and our shame.
2010-07-03Fianna Fáil is the itch you cannot scratch.
2010-07-02Fianna Fáil is the priest with long fingers.
2010-07-01Fianna Fáil is the bullet in the head.
2010-06-30Fianna Fáil is the scream down the alley.
2010-06-29Fianna Fáil hides its heart behind its name.
2010-06-28Fianna Fáil don’t care if we all collapse.
2010-06-27Fianna Fáil is the enemy within.
2010-06-26Fianna Fáil is dogging in the bushes.
2010-06-25Fianna Fáil is an egg on your physiog.
2010-06-24Fianna Fáil is ruining your children.
2010-06-23Fianna Fáil is a shame we cannot hide.
2010-06-22Fianna Fáil is everybody’s nightmare.
2010-06-21Fianna Fáil does not come out of the mist.
2010-06-20Fianna Fáil is an ideas free region.
2010-06-19Fianna Fáil is not paying any tax.
2010-06-18Fianna Fáil is dodging by-elections.
2010-06-17Fianna Fáil is a cancer they can’t cut.
2010-06-16Fianna Fáil is still with us, amazing!
2010-06-15Fianna Fáil is an Iranian spy.
2010-06-14Fianna Fáil is a Communist stitch up.
2010-06-13James Orchard Halliwell was mistaken.
2010-06-12Folk Song Number is seven eight eight two.
2010-06-11Paint the house white and an off-shade of brown.
2010-06-10The United Kingdom’s not united.
2010-06-09The poisoned teat of power has been sucked.
2010-06-08Who to blame now, the priests or the English?
2010-06-07Number 52 is younger than you.
2010-06-06A drunk falling over himself again.
2010-06-05Always in want of the other woman.
2010-06-04We’ll talk when the world’s stopped spinning so fast.
2010-06-03The fat man cannot squeeze through the window.
2010-06-02Homosocial man in a Gucci shirt.
2010-06-01Israeli waters have just got bigger.
2010-05-31Ironic apocalyptic venom.
2010-05-30A thin veil of sludge will cover us all.
2010-05-29That’s a very Eurocentric format.
2010-05-28Edgar Allan Poe, Henry James, Kafka.
2010-05-27Most mornings I sneak back into the real.
2010-05-26Sunshine seeping through the cracks in your face.
2010-05-25People should visit me, I’m a ruin.
2010-05-24His face was a beetroot ready to slice.
2010-05-23Tell me what would change if they pulled the plug?
2010-05-22Dionysus has recaptured my soul.
2010-05-21I am being eaten alive by you!
2010-05-20Violence in dreams makes you provocative.
2010-05-19Batons and bullets are winning Bangkok.
2010-05-18Did you hear the one about the Scotsman?
2010-05-17Il Presidenti is bored with himself.
2010-05-16We have painted the kitchen with our tongues.
2010-05-15My husband has forgotten he exists.
2010-05-14Clean them up and throw them back in the soup.
2010-05-13Philip Glass, modernity, tv ad.
2010-05-12HSC, a very bad Irish joke.
2010-05-11Military monks on the news, seasonal.
2010-05-10Fruit in the kitchen turns mortuary grey.
2010-05-09Chickens and guns, evangelical oil.
2010-05-08Cork is a pond, Kerry is a race-track.
2010-05-07I know you can see madness in my eyes.
2010-05-06Education is like public slaughter.
2010-05-05Someone beat me up when I was asleep.
2010-05-04Set it alight, let it blaze like the moon.
2010-05-03Ireland’s so sick it can’t get out of bed!
2010-05-02I’m a philosopher in a castle!
2010-05-01The Gulf of Mexico has turned orange.
2010-04-30Our broken hearts beat in syncopation.
2010-04-29stay with me tonight! Don’t leave me for them!
2010-04-28I keep wishing Brecht was here to see it …
2010-04-27I wrote a book mourning all their futures.
2010-04-26Loneliness of the long distance poet.
2010-04-25We are simply adding to the slag heap.
2010-04-24Memory seems to be leaving us now.
2010-04-23David Bowie has given up, I fear.
2010-04-22The phantasmagoric trope of Justice.
2010-04-21All our children will now have to leave us.
2010-04-20If you tackle Messi he’s not so good.
2010-04-19Sometimes ruination gets in your head.
2010-04-18Stuck under a cloud of icy daggers.
2010-04-17I woke up and remembered angel-face.
2010-04-16Red sky at night, shepherd’s insurance claim.
2010-04-15Volcanic inferno keeps me from hell.
2010-04-14The pigeons shit like crazy around here.
2010-04-13You get your heart broken every season.
2010-04-12The earth has jolted us back into life.
2010-04-11Capitalism? Not on our telly!
2010-04-10Let’s have a thin one instead of fatties.
2010-04-09We just might have found a home for Harold.
2010-04-08Load every fucking riff with fucking ore!
2010-04-07made to say a green, snot-heavy sorry.
2010-04-06brought down to its Babylonian knees
2010-04-05The most top-loaded of institutions
2010-04-04As if Fascist hierarchy could level.
2010-04-03As if the Pope was not infallible.
2010-04-02Fr O’Connor, category mistake.
2010-04-01Excitement then memory, April’s Fool.
2010-03-31No sun for Lawrence, just pigs on the beach.
2010-03-30Bill Shakespeare as part of that prison shrub.
2010-03-29Freud’s Looney Tunes were anti-Semitic.
2010-03-28Another half hour and the banks are breached.
2010-03-27Without any disrespect to monkeys.
2010-03-26As if those who deal in shit were not shite.
2010-03-25I am putting Hell back into the earth.
2010-03-24You live as if monkeys could question you.
2010-03-23Sheol, the ground into which you will go.
2010-03-22Gehenna that Biblical landfill site.
2010-03-21Jerusalem’s southside, fire and brimstone.
2010-03-20Underneath the skirts of Rome, stinking death.
2010-03-19As if our greatest poet was in heat.
2010-03-18This might all sound a bit unhinged to you.
2010-03-17Dogs and us have long been working it out.
2010-03-16Camels evolved a second hump for us.
2010-03-15Today is monumental, granite, hard.
2010-03-14Dogs don’t care if you look at them pissing.
2010-03-13At the top of the mountain you look down.
2010-03-12People know me, ricetti, refugee.
2010-03-11All of this is groundless, all of it air.
2010-03-10The passage of time reconfigures me.
2010-03-09A caterpillar fell into my hair.
2010-03-08Spiders make their webs nearest to danger.
2010-03-07I have an awful pain in my mother.
2010-03-06Will I give you all a big cheesy smile?
2010-03-05My teeth are the teeth the Devil might have.
2010-03-04The passage of time begins to amaze.
2010-03-03Capitalism is our rainy day.
2010-03-02Ireland’s a nightmare I’ve tried to escape.
2010-03-01Everyone’s smiling with their teeth again.
2010-02-28Poetry does not call to a reader.
2010-02-27Her ankles are the shape of angel’s wings.
2010-02-26Are these lines in any sense readable?
2010-02-25Maybe four years on, sometime around now.
2010-02-24Buy us a meal and then fuck the hell off!
2010-02-23To me her knees are newly minted coins.
2010-02-22This is the way my new poverty goes.
2010-02-21Her lips are like gold buried in the moon.
2010-02-20I am a coward when it comes to fear.
2010-02-19Because I love life I am a squatter.
2010-02-18He drew his resolution on a board.
2010-02-17The men are mad, the women are crazy.
2010-02-16Her mouth looks like a win in extra time.
2010-02-15Her skin feels like the summer holidays.
2010-02-14The flood plains have disappeared into soil.
2010-02-13The colour blue interacts with her eyes.
2010-02-12Helmand Province, beyond resolution.
2010-02-11This is not an inhabitable rock.
2010-02-10In its breathing the earth puffs and spits us.
2010-02-09Someone put a crack into Africa.
2010-02-08Fine Gael displays our devastation.
2010-02-07My days are now full of vampire faces.
2010-02-06I will invent her and write my poems.
2010-02-05Farewell father, I learnt to love you well.
2010-02-04Farewell boys, there’s no fun left in running.
2010-02-03Farewell corrupted and spiteful captain.
2010-02-02Farewell my sweet sister of winter sex.
2010-02-01Farewell my brother of eternal pain.
2010-01-31Farewell my monster of lamentations.
2010-01-30Religion is cruelty to our children.
2010-01-29Empty car park Friday melancholy.
2010-01-28Obama, the joke of a cartoon god.
2010-01-27Hegel was blinded by something shiny.
2010-01-26I wonder whether pimps dress up as pimps?
2010-01-25Racer-boys searching for death to cure them.
2010-01-24Pyramid boy doesn’t remember you.
2010-01-23Associate the word with your mother.
2010-01-22Get back to the year, the day, the event.
2010-01-21The hole I cannot fill will bring me peace.
2010-01-20The hole in my head will become a fire.
2010-01-19The hole in my shoe has given me hope.
2010-01-18Today I lost my nerve and stayed in bed.
2010-01-17I find it impossible to keep up.
2010-01-16My first real leper moment of the year.
2010-01-15See yourself in bed before you get in.
2010-01-14Everyone I know thinks in building blocks.
2010-01-13He would say Aristotle and the deed.
2010-01-12This is still the epoch of the mass grave.
2010-01-11Piggy-boy would just tumble if he slipped.
2010-01-10The snow settles on Michael Collins’ face.
2010-01-09Photography, icy transformations.
2010-01-08In a world of white the prophets go blind.
2010-01-07The present, the future, entombed in ice.
2010-01-06Ice, as at the end of America.
2010-01-05Picturesque death-camp, carpet of hawfrost.
2010-01-04My teeth grow tired of the sharp sting of ice.
2010-01-03Discarded condom, cold Sunday morning.
2010-01-02The smell of toast in the hospital ward.
2010-01-01New Year’s children will stuff themselves with drugs.
2009-12-31That prison-song left me unsupported.
2009-12-30Angel-face has been stolen from our dreams.
2009-12-29Aliens came and spirited him away.
2009-12-28The political horse has lost a shoe.
2009-12-27Madness is the child of solipsism.
2009-12-26Everyone has forgotten I’m alive.
2009-12-25I gave him fish, wine and a wooden book.
2009-12-24Back in the big house of ruination.
2009-12-23At forty-six you give it back broken.
2009-12-22Tolstoy did not own a map of the world.
2009-12-21Blue-black spot inside the back of her neck.
2009-12-20Because I love you I will die again.
2009-12-19Blinking uncomprehending eyes in rows.
2009-12-18Godwin was someone who saw the system.
2009-12-17Oliver Reed was no hero of mine.
2009-12-16Ambiguity is the end of me.
2009-12-15I am a fan of people who help me.
2009-12-14Hatred inside the fillings in his teeth.
2009-12-13They’d kill you dead for the price of a pint.
2009-12-12There are women here who need some solace.
2009-12-11If you nick her gin she’ll not forgive you.
2009-12-10Things fall apart, the bankers cannot hold.
2009-12-09And if you dare move I’ll shoot you again!
2009-12-08I love little differences, like ware.
2009-12-07The contempt I have for him is his gift.
2009-12-06What’s the use of a book in a blackout?
2009-12-05What’s the use of your art when we’re sleeping?
2009-12-04What’s the use of sunglasses in the fog?
2009-12-03What’s the use of a drink when it’s raining?
2009-12-02The bombing of playgrounds was sufficient.
2009-12-01This time last year I gave up all my hopes.
2009-11-30The English don’t know the Irish are sick.
2009-11-29Dante would have struggled to invent this.
2009-11-28You come to her and then you spit on her.
2009-11-27I could get used to being scholastic.
2009-11-26High Table and a prick philosopher.
2009-11-25Reading and writing are good for you folks!
2009-11-24Heathrow is like a film no one watches.
2009-11-23Already they’re fighting over the flood.
2009-11-22The river Lee vomited up its bile.
2009-11-21You’d be the city drinking that water.
2009-11-20Being trapped with you would be my ideal.
2009-11-19The deluge came and found us all wanting.
2009-11-18Where the sun has been and the moon now is.
2009-11-17I am a friend of St George’s Channel.
2009-11-16No one loves a nosy little fucker.
2009-11-15The prodigy has been fiddling the books.
2009-11-14There’s something staring you straight in the mouth.
2009-11-13O baby, don’t be sad, give me your face.
2009-11-12The big houses didn’t have telephones.
2009-11-11If I knew the future’s number I’d ring.
2009-11-10Ash Bank has considerable interest.
2009-11-09The money is gone and the heart grows cold.
2009-11-08You inherit the earth at forty-five.
2009-11-07The window’s closed, I cannot remember.
2009-11-06A generation of bitter regret.
2009-11-05He eyed up the panel then went to work.
2009-11-04Someone should tell him Spenser was a cunt.
2009-11-03Do I dare choose the genre of suspense?
2009-11-02You won’t have to poke him to get a squeal.
2009-11-01The river Lee is a sad hysteric.
2009-10-31The Bank of Ireland has sold us a pup.
2009-10-30Everybody knew, but nobody thought.
2009-10-29What to say to Dr Dreckology?
2009-10-28Aren’t you in danger of preserving shit.
2009-10-27Does piggy-boy know you know what you know?
2009-10-26Close the blinds, bolt the door, unplug the set.
2009-10-25The lakes and the beaches, strangely unreal.
2009-10-24Kerry was further away than it looked.
2009-10-23I am a grown-up with an accountant!
2009-10-22Diggle still had a wiggle, Pete looked beat.
2009-10-21Like bits of yesterday’s newspaper print.
2009-10-20The gods have lost interest and chocolate melts.
2009-10-19Boxer dog comes out like an old slogger.
2009-10-18This time last year was a serial rant.
2009-10-17Little drunk fucker snogging his girlfriend.
2009-10-16They can rob me of everything save that.
2009-10-15Nietzsche, students, and a return to form.
2009-10-14but the Bank of Ireland left him alone.
2009-10-13My father knew some trouble in his time,
2009-10-12Policemen are designed to look the same.
2009-10-11Ah, now, they wouldn’t be as bad as that!
2009-10-10The Bank of Ireland requires us to bleed.
2009-10-09The Bank of Ireland has all the lifebelts.
2009-10-08and spits at you as if you were unclean.
2009-10-07The Bank of Ireland understands your pain
2009-10-06The Bank of Ireland has no solution.
2009-10-05The Bank of Ireland will watch us all starve.
2009-10-04For emphasis point at them as you laugh.
2009-10-03Have you got a minute? Are you free now?
2009-10-02Those hilarious questions about time,
2009-10-01A million bottles smashing in mid-air.
2009-09-30I will absorb anything memorable.
2009-09-29Pessimism, refuge of wounded hopes.
2009-09-28of some gleaming, polished, completed text.
2009-09-27and poetry falls out of my pursuit
2009-09-26I suddenly find I am days behind
2009-09-25Every time I go to print this all out
2009-09-24Crisis has robbed me of all poetry.
2009-09-23I am resting on the vernacular.
2009-09-22Telephone interviews, no one is clear.
2009-09-21They transform me into a teenager.
2009-09-20Imagine his red cheek after a slap.
2009-09-19This house worships a spirit-level god.
2009-09-18Back to not quite being all on my own.
2009-09-17I murdered one plant behind the curtain.
2009-09-16Everything around me is functional.
2009-09-15I miss the little details in smoking.
2009-09-14Nobody knows I’m an exile again.
2009-09-13Enigmatic possessions of this man.
2009-09-12There is a very shy ghost in this house.
2009-09-11and it does seem like back to the future.
2009-09-10The river Lee is on the verge of tears,
2009-09-09I know why I dreamt of Michael J. Fox.
2009-09-08If it could stay like this I’d be happy.
2009-09-07I’m wearing someone else’s shirt and tie.
2009-09-06The Elysian seemed to strike a note.
2009-09-05I would imagine I will fall down soon.
2009-09-04The seafood pie contained a nasty bite.
2009-09-03I must not let any of the plants die.
2009-09-02This place has no teaspoons and no iron.
2009-09-01I need to return to smaller details.
2009-08-31Every time I go away hell breaks lose.
2009-08-30Momentary panic, calcio fans.
2009-08-29Exile is over, I have served my time.
2009-08-28Will I ever sit by the lake again?
2009-08-27Not a good way of forgiving bankers.
2009-08-26The most irritating fucker alive!
2009-08-25Nobody is looking at my left hand.
2009-08-24The idea of limbo was born like this.
2009-08-23Remember, it’s an absolute god-send.
2009-08-22What is after Derrida? Your own mind?
2009-08-21Not a new chapter, more like a new book.
2009-08-20Cycling around weeping into the lake.
2009-08-19Nothing will ever be the same again.
2009-08-18Fa bello means I do not have to write.
2009-08-17Italian cena would make you sink!
2009-08-16Cycle round the lake. Molto facile!
2009-08-15I used the "r" word and all hell broke loose.
2009-08-14Is that a mobile I see before me?
2009-08-13After Geoffrey of Bromsgrove, should I quit?
2009-08-12Kids hyperventilate, I try to write.
2009-08-11Rapalarno, Volcanic, bolente!
2009-08-10She’s got a face like an ugly boxer.
2009-08-09La bolla Africana? Not this year!
2009-08-08and Hannibal got eaten by this place.
2009-08-07Flaminius lost, the Romans triumphed
2009-08-06We have come to the end of the circle.
2009-08-05There’s that little spot I’ve had since childhood.
2009-08-04I brought no novels with me but my own.
2009-08-03Fierce discord at the heart of union.
2009-08-02Or the tremors of deep paranoia.
2009-08-01I did not anticipate narrative.
2009-07-31Everything’s the same, everything’s different.
2009-07-30Lago. Casetta. Everything bella.
2009-07-29The here we are back in Italia.
2009-07-28The here we are back at home and it hurts.
2009-07-27The here we are back at work and it hurts.
2009-07-26The ironic baby-set prison dance.
2009-07-25I come back to angel-face and the round.
2009-07-24All the excess was in my female left.
2009-07-23What to do with my atomic knowledge?
2009-07-22so if you want twelve from me we’re both screwed.
2009-07-21I only have eight pints of blood in me,
2009-07-20I am scum of the earth and I’m top dog.
2009-07-19Banana Republic has now turned black.
2009-07-18My office, a paper-mite safe haven.
2009-07-17I have given up tobacco and wheat.
2009-07-16London opens up like an abattoir.
2009-07-15There was a hut at the back of the pub.
2009-07-14Oxford proves that fella’ to be a fraud.
2009-07-13The move to Oxford, inspirational.
2009-07-12Buried together, William, Catherine.
2009-07-11The British Library is over the road.
2009-07-10Tomorrow I’ll be somewhere different.
2009-07-09Do you know the way to San José? No!
2009-07-08you scratch my back and I’ll scratch my own back.
2009-07-07anger at irresponsibility,
2009-07-06students as consumers, constipation,
2009-07-05Shit-for-brains American tv, tax,
2009-07-04Anger about dishwashers, hairdryers,
2009-07-03Nothing in Iran now but politics.
2009-07-02RTE is covering for Biffo!
2009-07-01I seem to be gaining authority.
2009-06-30The way she crossed her legs showed she was pleased.
2009-06-29I am beginning to lose my temper.
2009-06-28If I was Damon I would be happy.
2009-06-27The Spanish dancers were smaller this time.
2009-06-26Academic Council, the paint’s still dry.
2009-06-25Cross-referencing, Tony Blair, Fabregas.
2009-06-24Eventually an intricate system.
2009-06-23Addition of temporary starlight.
2009-06-22Neda Soltani, you have died for us.
2009-06-21Hades, Tarturus, Erebus, the Pits!
2009-06-20I want to be under a mountain range.
2009-06-19You just have to remember to edit.
2009-06-18You are helpless to help and hopeless too.
2009-06-17Bullets and truncheons do not speak Persian.
2009-06-16You are going to have to drop your pants.
2009-06-15Ulysses should have got people talking.
2009-06-14I think I may have discovered your knees.
2009-06-13Piggy-boy doesn’t know how to behave.
2009-06-12Somedays I am simply kicked in the guts.
2009-06-11Now I’m writing like there’s no tomorrow.
2009-06-10People can’t look each other in the eye.
2009-06-09Your solar plexus, yes, that’s the big hole.
2009-06-08Who we now know wore a smart paisley tie.
2009-06-07And so we sold our souls to the devil.
2009-06-06Corruption cannot lie with honesty.
2009-06-05The folly of that vacuous folly!
2009-06-04I feel more Irish than English today.
2009-06-03Nobody is safe from Biffo’s bastards.
2009-06-02The easiest birth I’ll ever witness.
2009-06-01It is time for political action.
2009-05-31I don’t want to be good, I want to sing.
2009-05-30You will of course need to take off all yours.
2009-05-29They absailed down as we ate our pasta.
2009-05-28Kiss me on my mouth, your love is vino.
2009-05-27The Elysian is my idée fixe.
2009-05-26Mahler’s 6th, Adagio, pure heaven.
2009-05-25I would like to relinquish all power.
2009-05-24Bruckner’s 7th Symphony saved my life.
2009-05-23The old man still wand-waves a snooker cue.
2009-05-22The accountants are having a field day.
2009-05-21Someone needs to tell Biffo to fuck off.
2009-05-20I only masturbate with my clothes on.
2009-05-19Where o where have they hidden Obama?
2009-05-18They still haven’t told me if I’m dying.
2009-05-17Pig politicians deserve Bertholt Brecht.
2009-05-16It must be said it all turned out kosher.
2009-05-15Three meetings sandwiching a quick sandwich.
2009-05-14She seems to want me to be a hero.
2009-05-13Union siblings plotting their revenge.
2009-05-12Politics has become impossible.
2009-05-11I am learning to swim above the text.
2009-05-10Sundays are beginning to hurt again.
2009-05-09Europe Day, nobody even noticed.
2009-05-08And Blake said it’s all in the human breast.
2009-05-07World economy is our deity.
2009-05-06Job would be faithful to the free market.
2009-05-05The Bible is an excellent idea.
2009-05-04This would film well, although it hurts like hell.
2009-05-03Gardening and poetry, classical!
2009-05-02Hills are like giant waves, that do not move.
2009-05-01Planes are like temporary lighthouses.
2009-04-30There is so much love in my life, I’m lost.
2009-04-29I have mastered the art of anarchy.
2009-04-28He sang, Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others.
2009-04-27Work is poker now, my hand still secret.
2009-04-26Ireland is not like the other addicts.
2009-04-25I’m going to have to sell my organs.
2009-04-24We touched down onto the bankrupt runway.
2009-04-23Ekel, he said, and I almost threw up.
2009-04-22We got drunk and discovered a mirror.
2009-04-21Green shoots in the U.S., weeds over here.
2009-04-20Something is against communication.
2009-04-19Fucking Chelsea bollocks shit bag fuck wank!
2009-04-18Obama thinks he can hold back the tide.
2009-04-17Is there anything but economics.
2009-04-16This poem is making me a ghost face.
2009-04-15People will have to live with my weakness.
2009-04-14The fire we can make would ignite the stars.
2009-04-13It’s the dark light that shows you off the best.
2009-04-12The fucking government has robbed us blind!
2009-04-11I’m coming back to that non-nursery rhyme.
2009-04-10You can’t be depressed if you act like that!
2009-04-09They are so detached, they think we’re all fine.
2009-04-08There’s a fault right down Italy’s middle.
2009-04-07One of us is going to be sorry.
2009-04-06It’s up there playing patriotic songs.
2009-04-05I have enjoyed the non-nuclear age.
2009-04-04When they caught you you were in the nationals.
2009-04-03I never thought I’d end up doing that.
2009-04-02Didn’t you know I’m a Union man?
2009-04-01Anticipate the end of every storm.
2009-03-31Calm and sane in the middle of madness.
2009-03-30The windows of my soul have got cloudy.
2009-03-29Fourth time round it feels somewhat redemptive.
2009-03-28Learn to look through to the back of his brain.
2009-03-27His head is a cupboard crammed with old bones.
2009-03-26I could look at you for a long, long time.
2009-03-25I will put a mask on to hide my face.
2009-03-24The truth leaks out of the side of his eyes.
2009-03-23You covered your face in the Parthenon.
2009-03-22Remember! inky penned evolution!
2009-03-21I cannot bear the thought of her leaving.
2009-03-20Hospital turns us all into offal.
2009-03-19America is preaching peace again.
2009-03-18That question about toxins and romance.
2009-03-17I love alcohol! I love, ALCOHOL!
2009-03-16My children are growing up somewhere else.
2009-03-15Aren’t you looking for new ways to make cash?
2009-03-14Why not do a new line in prophecy?
2009-03-13Would you not just take all my teeth away?
2009-03-12O.K. Folks! this is a mid-life crisis.
2009-03-11I am full of sinister chemicals.
2009-03-10She noticed I’m happy in Italy.
2009-03-09Global banking system? SIT ON MY FACE!
2009-03-08It’s not a cliché when you are in it.
2009-03-07We’re the strangest things in the universe.
2009-03-06Nil by mouth, a very sorry bottom.
2009-03-05The memory of the first time, before.
2009-03-04You are so far away and yet so near.
2009-03-03Snow collecting around the compost bin.
2009-03-02I have learnt to meditate to Mahler.
2009-03-01So smash all the stars and be done with it!
2009-02-28I am somewhere else, I am somewhere else.
2009-02-27They are all adults in my mind, I said
2009-02-26The phrase was altering the universe.
2009-02-25Technology makes our relationships.
2009-02-24The world has succumbed to influenza.
2009-02-23If I give you signs, will you understand?
2009-02-22So go out and buy yourself a plaster.
2009-02-21I feel like my heart is bleeding to death.
2009-02-20I woke up one day and found my Byron.
2009-02-19And gasping for air like a stranded fish.
2009-02-18We can get rid of all expectation.
2009-02-17My peace of mind is lying on the floor.
2009-02-16It’s what men of a certain age will do.
2009-02-15We’re filling the entire house with Triffids.
2009-02-14And what the fuck is that when it’s at home?
2009-02-13Something that offered viable structure.
2009-02-12Something that saved you from contingency.
2009-02-11As if poetry might be the basis.
2009-02-10And something that felt meaningful at last.
2009-02-09Maybe they could help me make a story.
2009-02-08I feel potent. I feel like I could act.
2009-02-07Maybe these lines are encouraging me.
2009-02-06And our favourite sin has got to be lust.
2009-02-05Gewurztraminer is our favourite wine.
2009-02-04Dirty little fucking cheating bastard.
2009-02-03You could not keep your mind off those crossed legs.
2009-02-02And the world seemed far too big and frightening.
2009-02-01And everything you’d learnt you had yet to.
2009-01-31Like you were back there lost in the Eighties.
2009-01-30The pain in my heart has been switched back on.
2009-01-29Why did you think they would leave you alone?
2009-01-28I quite like signing books I have authored.
2009-01-27How long can you go on without a name?
2009-01-26A President that calls himself Muslim.
2009-01-25Nothing could have prepared us for this fall.
2009-01-24He was overwhelmed by his own despair.
2009-01-23I slipped away from the liquid dinner.
2009-01-22As you wrote elsewhere, sortilege of self.
2009-01-21I have created my own almanac.
2009-01-20Number 44 looks alright to us.
2009-01-19As tanks roll over skeletons they made.
2009-01-18And that’s the biggest silence of them all.
2009-01-17They are almost uniformly German.
2009-01-16Have we got something like joined-up thinking?
2009-01-15Let contingency into your system.
2009-01-14The earth ground your finest hypotheses.
2009-01-13Let the singing birds into every prayer.
2009-01-12The answer’s in the future and the stars.
2009-01-11Oriah Mountain Dreamer and the flu.
2009-01-10Show me the realist who has an answer.
2009-01-09So long as tomorrow’s uneventful.
2009-01-08Is this the best system we can devise?
2009-01-07Poetry is counter-historical.
2009-01-06Spirit of the Age, collective Nero.
2009-01-05Narcissism of those without vision.
2009-01-04Dollar oriented self-sacrifice.
2009-01-03Climate change, global meltdown, vanity.
2009-01-02A hundred souls for every one of them.
2009-01-01Let’s stay at home and pretend it’s not real.
2008-12-31I need to make some sound re-connections.
2008-12-30She seemed far more glamorous than usual.
2008-12-29She is in love and she’s getting married.
2008-12-28They want sympathy for being killers.
2008-12-27They have a month to do their very worst.
2008-12-26You feel the solid ground beneath your feet.
2008-12-25That pitiless musical at the end.
2008-12-24The carol singers took over the pub.
2008-12-23Look up above you, the sky is still there!
2008-12-22If we could all decide to hold our nerve.
2008-12-21The secret to all this is confidence.
2008-12-20Do I contain multitudes?, do I fuck!
2008-12-19I’m bigger than I could ever cope with.
2008-12-18It would seem I’ve misrepresented God.
2008-12-17There is a secret now as big as time.
2008-12-16Pyramid boy has collapsed into sand.
2008-12-15Once again I blitzed him with politeness.
2008-12-14With such weaponry at hand, why choose shoes?
2008-12-13I got my dancing done when I was young.
2008-12-12The moon is too close, it makes us anxious.
2008-12-11It felt good to be so confessional.
2008-12-10This little piggy went to no market.
2008-12-09I must stop picking my nose in public.
2008-12-08Her eyes looked like they had been oven baked.
2008-12-07Every fortnight now the FTSe gets fucked!
2008-12-06The fingers snap and then they cut away.
2008-12-05Much of this is unrecoverable.
2008-12-04You could see the Panda hair in his ears.
2008-12-03Venus, Jupiter, fingering the moon.
2008-12-02Obama should be burying the dead.
2008-12-01Have I become just a mouthy bastard?
2008-11-30Those cracks in her mouth, like the Grand Canyon.
2008-11-29Did all the cricket fans go home as well?
2008-11-28Evolution of hate and then violence.
2008-11-27Like paying for someone to be your id.
2008-11-26A feeling of being lost, not exiled.
2008-11-25You had a kind of stroke in the stomach.
2008-11-24Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin knows who I am!
2008-11-23He had no interest in my welfare.
2008-11-22Is everything not impossibly small?
2008-11-21Give me a black pen and a sober mind.
2008-11-20Some men just cannot get beyond their dicks.
2008-11-19I keep thinking of that brute invasion.
2008-11-18Not having to get up early, that helps.
2008-11-17I avoided the Coventry poets.
2008-11-16Pennsylvania Avenue is shut.
2008-11-15Pass me the baton and shut the fuck up!
2008-11-14What will their little camera discover?
2008-11-13She told me the back of my head’s on fire.
2008-11-12Something a bit more rebellious please!
2008-11-11You would say yes to your own misery.
2008-11-10Diarrhoea, and surrounded by poets.
2008-11-09The jet-stream has slipped and will slow us down.
2008-11-08In that family you are an idea.
2008-11-07You are a sensitive man, there’s no doubt.
2008-11-06She remembered nothing about nothing.
2008-11-05Sublime fact, he is the embodiment.
2008-11-04Let everybody shout it: Yes We Can!
2008-11-03I wrote a postcard to myself, miss you!
2008-11-02Scrambled eggs never hurt anybody.
2008-11-01Taxi, airport, shop, whiskey, train, taxi.
2008-10-31This morning Cork was full of men with sticks.
2008-10-30Mr Nietzsche is going to be good.
2008-10-29My white cells are fine, but I still feel sick.
2008-10-28So that, for instance, here, I forgot them.
2008-10-27He says that no one possessed the secret.
2008-10-26Let us all say tah-tah and good-riddance.
2008-10-25The atmosphere is simply appalling.
2008-10-24The wine is green and sharp, the bread mouldy,
2008-10-23O God of rigged elections and money.
2008-10-22Rip down my soul and make me your servant,
2008-10-21It’s the end of the mother-fucking world!
2008-10-20Whatever you hit me with it will hurt.
2008-10-19Blood, sperm, shit, teeth, eye, nose, prick, cunt, toe, thumb.
2008-10-18Nothing stands between us and misery.
2008-10-17wine, beer, tea, grass, cents, cold, rain, Capital.
2008-10-16Bread, cream, rice, id, Freud, hell, mind, body, war,
2008-10-15They laughed when I confessed that I was lost.
2008-10-14Our German Exchange Student stays up late.
2008-10-13I was ok, I had underwear on.
2008-10-12I long for a release from addiction.
2008-10-11I had to tell them this will blow over.
2008-10-10This has nothing to do with energy.
2008-10-09And others will be hanging from tight knots.
2008-10-08So that some will be looking at the stars.
2008-10-07The Emperor’s New Clothes: see paper money.
2008-10-06The question is what’s beyond regression?
2008-10-05What is worse than recession? Depression?
2008-10-04Financial markets turned to anarchy.
2008-10-03Someone has gone and stolen the centre.
2008-10-02When was the last reference to that prison?
2008-10-01It’s arrived, our disintegration kit.
2008-09-30Politicians flying like stunned skittles.
2008-09-29I think we are lactose intolerant.
2008-09-28Gilbert and George doing ‘Bend It, Shake It’
2008-09-27When’s the last time we thought of angel-face?
2008-09-26I could ask you what you see in all this?
2008-09-25The kind of person who wrecks people’s lives.
2008-09-24The monster Plagiarism wakes refreshed.
2008-09-23The Arsenal is woven into my name.
2008-09-22Brown is not a sexy, hot colour name.
2008-09-21In the end I discovered gardening.
2008-09-20I would take his trousers down and spank him.
2008-09-19That Belfast Union Jack stopped you short.
2008-09-18I’m in The Wellie, where’s all the action?
2008-09-17Hallelujah my brothers, god is dead!
2008-09-16But isn’t the lack of it compelling?
2008-09-15Somebody has turned all the money off.
2008-09-14Homonyms will lose them the election.
2008-09-13Ignorant, self-indulgent little prick!
2008-09-12Arrogance always came out of the blue.
2008-09-11They refuse to admit the falling man.
2008-09-10Doesn’t Joe Biden sound like Bin Laden?
2008-09-09Aren’t we all already in a black hole?
2008-09-08Poison and beauty in equal doses.
2008-09-07If you hate getting wet, live somewhere else.
2008-09-06And pit-bull Presidents are good because....?
2008-09-05My hope and my fear is never ending.
2008-09-04Instead of this circular wandering.
2008-09-03And move forward, like a pedestrian.
2008-09-02Maybe then I will achieve coherence.
2008-09-01And put a For Sale sign over my dreams.
2008-08-31I will rent out a warehouse in my heart.
2008-08-30Bits of me are dying by the second.
2008-08-29Back to Ireland, psychic catastrophe.
2008-08-28There is something I know you would refuse.
2008-08-27I kept forgetting she was still impressed.
2008-08-26I think they think I’m all touchy-feely.
2008-08-25The sky was a dramatic grey canvass.
2008-08-24Copenhagen seemed to be full of ghosts.
2008-08-23Arriverdici almost made me gag.
2008-08-22Georgia is a tooth that requires filling.
2008-08-21Theologically heaven made sense here.
2008-08-20Ba’al was a good find, a very good find.
2008-08-19Attend to the things you are consuming.
2008-08-18U.S. troops pretending they’re somewhere else.
2008-08-17Compared to this, Denmark is an iceberg.
2008-08-16I fell off my bike, a year and a day.
2008-08-15Obama is too close to Osama.
2008-08-14In the end I am frightened of the sky.
2008-08-13Russian roulette, someone explain the game!
2008-08-12Roma is still there, dreaming it still rules.
2008-08-11China is having an enormous laugh.
2008-08-10I suddenly realised why all the girls.
2008-08-09Since he doesn’t exist he can’t go home.
2008-08-08For us the symmetry was meaningful.
2008-08-07And pull down their fancy circus rigging.
2008-08-06Then a storm arrived and I was finished.
2008-08-05All the abandoned children will return.
2008-08-04We will always remember Gulag man.
2008-08-03At Malpasso I think I understand.
2008-08-02There is nothing specific in my head.
2008-08-01I don’t know the time, I don’t know the day.
2008-07-31I’m trying not to think about the fags.
2008-07-30Epicurus does not allay my fear.
2008-07-29So hot today we turned back like cowards.
2008-07-28Bicycle rides, warm weather, perfecto!
2008-07-27Suddenly it comes, as if mocking you.
2008-07-26A little Shakespearean don’t you think?
2008-07-25And then as he squealed I’d make him eat it.
2008-07-24Castiglione-del-Lago and back.
2008-07-23I never have the right tools for the job.
2008-07-22Suddenly I have a body again.
2008-07-21Your voyage smoothed by the gods of transit.
2008-07-20Your chaos is going to drive me mad.
2008-07-19Would he tell me he had already guessed.
2008-07-18What if I explained to him he is dead?
2008-07-17Are you not dying sufficiently fast.
2008-07-16The fags were an idiotic return.
2008-07-15Spontaneous overflow of nothing.
2008-07-14Finishing things is a slower business.
2008-07-13If I met him I would rip his dick off.
2008-07-12Cat puke on the carpet as I return.
2008-07-11Suddenly we are all economists.
2008-07-10If they want me to help them they should ask.
2008-07-09Sammy Davis Junior is in my head.
2008-07-08All day worried I would shit my trousers.
2008-07-07Those with no plosives are celebrating.
2008-07-06Philosophical insight, character.
2008-07-05Paul Muldoon can get a little tricksy.
2008-07-04Denial, the only river in this town.
2008-07-03This view has lost much of its novelty.
2008-07-02I think the friends think I am a monster.
2008-07-01Everyone can understand, and no one.
2008-06-30If you only knew what I think I know.
2008-06-29When I put myself in the way it comes.
2008-06-28They defend Brown because they know they’re fucked.
2008-06-27Wimbledon’s naval chord to our childhood.
2008-06-26Half-relaxed, still at work: impossible.
2008-06-25The little Spaniard is now my favourite.
2008-06-24Vote for me or die, democracy lite.
2008-06-23And Mugabe is left alone because ….?
2008-06-22Toleration in the shape of others.
2008-06-21When there will be nobody left to read.
2008-06-20I write because of the darkness coming.
2008-06-19Hang them high in the name of nostalgia.
2008-06-18She is inscrutable, I want a fag!
2008-06-17The impossible curve of her body.
2008-06-16In her eyes, unknowable sensations.
2008-06-15There are three thousand years between her lips.
2008-06-14There are dangerous snakes under her skin.
2008-06-13They said no to the stuff in their pockets.
2008-06-12I will begin again. I will begin.
2008-06-11Change we can believe in, and change we can’t.
2008-06-10His neck was full of little black mountains.
2008-06-09I would be so embarrassed if they won.
2008-06-08I am sick, there is something wrong with me.
2008-06-07He was cutting me out of his body.
2008-06-06If there is no honesty there’s nothing.
2008-06-05Charing Cross Road and a poisoned body.
2008-06-04Have I been loving a fool all along?
2008-06-03He didn’t know what a syllable was.
2008-06-02I could tell right away that he was dead.
2008-06-01My place in their house is in photographs.
2008-05-31I never did feel lonely in London.
2008-05-30He shook me by the hand for the last time.
2008-05-29Everybody liked my pyramid joke.
2008-05-28If I talk to you it’s because you’re here.
2008-05-27Somebody lit a fire within my spine.
2008-05-26Take away the coffees and it’s lab work.
2008-05-25Those two do not know how much I love them.
2008-05-24If I said, that’s corruption, would he care.
2008-05-23Deception, theological question.
2008-05-22They think because we laugh they are learning.
2008-05-21I can’t feel. Somebody has unplugged me.
2008-05-20Everything that’s happening is the same.
2008-05-19Beyond what? But they will never answer.
2008-05-18It’s me with the problem, remember this.
2008-05-17This time I don’t know if I can save her.
2008-05-16Someone switched me off, I am powerless.
2008-05-15I stepped outside and it began to rain.
2008-05-14I am drinking myself into freedom.
2008-05-13I am symbolic and the only hope.
2008-05-12Next it will be vino, then sex, then food.
2008-05-11One would need teeth in the back of one’s head.
2008-05-10Always the eye when vision is over.
2008-05-09Our lives quietly washing up against time.
2008-05-08A world without loss or repetition.
2008-05-07We imagine the end of memory.
2008-05-06I know what to do with my fingers now.
2008-05-05My second fag-free day, this is working.
2008-05-04My first fag-free day for twenty-six years.
2008-05-03He still loves her, but doesn’t want to now.
2008-05-02The seas are frothing, the earth full of worms.
2008-05-01Will I ever be able to return?
2008-04-30My sense of smell has sold me a kipper.
2008-04-29I am not systematic, and it hurts.
2008-04-28For me that sound could never disappear.
2008-04-27The illusion of something coherent.
2008-04-26Careful now, this is no biography.
2008-04-25Teenage, Victorian, uniformed girls.
2008-04-24Salvation Army, would you credit it?
2008-04-23Congregate around that pitiful fire.
2008-04-22You could not imagine such loneliness.
2008-04-21Lucretius finally irrelevant.
2008-04-20Sixty cosmic decades from where we are.
2008-04-19And yes, of course, they will misunderstand.
2008-04-18Final annihilation is sublime.
2008-04-17Ì have arrived to usher in the end.
2008-04-16and scream and scream and scream and scream and scream ….
2008-04-15I have only ever wanted to scream,
2008-04-14Everyone has forgotten angel-face.
2008-04-13If you could understand your own tempo.
2008-04-12Herbs, mint, and always that flash of acid.
2008-04-11Show me the person who’d not be a fish.
2008-04-10Fruit-flies swarming from a neglected bowl.
2008-04-09Hell would be facing the waste that we make.
2008-04-08I’m not someone who pisses in the street.
2008-04-07Home, that was the title of your first work.
2008-04-06A people bigger than any story.
2008-04-05Hannibal coaxing elephants upwards.
2008-04-04Eggerberg is a place I’d like to go.
2008-04-03Cleaning equipment spilling down the stairs.
2008-04-02The Simplon Pass, like a history book.
2008-04-01I am struggling with the world of smell.
2008-03-31The Romans eventually built a road.
2008-03-30Diachronic, synchronic, yeah, yeah, yeah!
2008-03-29Slap a lightning symbol on my forehead.
2008-03-28I loved her body, and I loved her mind.
2008-03-27Can someone lend me an oxygen tank?
2008-03-26Coming out of a tunnel like a train.
2008-03-25White wine is the same colour as your piss.
2008-03-24Morrissey, incorporation, and love.
2008-03-23Destinerrancy of all intention.
2008-03-22There are people there I know that I know.
2008-03-21In August, on my bicycle, I’m free.
2008-03-20Frozen lake instead of a beating heart.
2008-03-19Trauma, the long-term memory of skin.
2008-03-18I think I came one time from Davos Dorf.
2008-03-17The splinter stole in underneath the nail.
2008-03-16Joined-up writing without any bridges.
2008-03-15For me that’s where life first slithered out from.
2008-03-14A wafer-thin, tin, slow-moving red one.
2008-03-13You can never but return to the Alps.
2008-03-12Here the Sycamore tends to dominate.
2008-03-11Show me the person who’s not been a bird.
2008-03-10I would travel every mile by slow train.
2008-03-09I used to have more energy than this.
2008-03-08Bejing, St. Petersburgh, Hong Kong, Cape Town.
2008-03-07The mainland that connects to Calcutta,
2008-03-06For me nature comes alive in Europe.
2008-03-05Anything that’s portable will be smashed.
2008-03-04I hide my unhappiness from others.
2008-03-03Everyone’s going to be a witness.
2008-03-02You won’t find anything that looks like wit.
2008-03-01Anything that’s valuable can be smashed.
2008-02-29I am for the new. We are for the new.
2008-02-28Be careful not to generalise, he said.
2008-02-27I hide my unhappiness from myself.
2008-02-26I feel like another feeble species.
2008-02-25When will I begin to repeat myself?
2008-02-24I need to vary my vocabulary.
2008-02-23Live action thuggery almost murder.
2008-02-22I think I’m going to have to think twice.
2008-02-21This town is full of old miserablists.
2008-02-20The city is unapologetic.
2008-02-19If you don’t take the lead they will not quit.
2008-02-18Oh, buy me a cup of tea and fuck off!
2008-02-17If I had a tale I would display it.
2008-02-16and you wouldn’t like that, now, would you Sir?
2008-02-15She’s beginning to suspect you exist.
2008-02-14Drug-dealer hooked on his own merchandise.
2008-02-13Shameful pollution of your own body.
2008-02-12The Western world’s pretence of cleanliness.
2008-02-11America will not change if you don’t.
2008-02-10The city is everything that I know.
2008-02-09Planes spread their sound like paint across the sky.
2008-02-08The city is trying to kill the stars.
2008-02-07The persistence of life is a killer.
2008-02-06The city is trying to talk to us.
2008-02-05The end of words such as "ripe," "fruition."
2008-02-04Still walking round that fantastical stump.
2008-02-03Everyone would like to be somewhere else.
2008-02-02The heart of the city is the airport.
2008-02-01The Dhali Lama considers the earth.
2008-01-31To your left you can see Europe weeping.
2008-01-30Plagiarizing student is defeated.
2008-01-29How say this, without sounding negative?
2008-01-28I hope you’re not expecting meaning here.
2008-01-27The way fruit disintegrates frightens me.
2008-01-26I appear to have grown bored of myself.
2008-01-25We are all now holocaust deniers.
2008-01-24I had an idea that I could not share.
2008-01-23Trauma seeps out of her body like sweat.
2008-01-22What you do not see you must believe in.
2008-01-21I cannot successfully show you now.
2008-01-20Apocalypse denied and all is well.
2008-01-19Your porridge sticks to my sense of order.
2008-01-18Wolf’s face, tree-stump, anthropomorphism.
2008-01-17You fall into these things and don’t come out.
2008-01-16I am sick of the semblance of power.
2008-01-15The dead tree that gives us light is a ghost.
2008-01-14I feel the rebirth of something like sex.
2008-01-13Let’s build a wall and then start flinging things.
2008-01-12which doesn’t mean to say I don’t love you…
2008-01-11Reason never really had a snowball’s.
2008-01-10We have built a bridge from start to finish.
2008-01-09The sun falling into its bloody bath.
2008-01-08Bullets exploding out of their bodies.
2008-01-07Metalepsis, a stone falling upwards.
2008-01-06Triangular logic, reversible.
2008-01-05Only the personalities are poor.
2008-01-04Today Gilray would have had a field-day.
2008-01-03Anniversary of war’s cessation.
2008-01-02Base and apex simultaneously.
2008-01-01The weather in Ireland is nostalgic.
2007-12-31You can read all this backwards if you want.
2007-12-30Pyramids instead of that prison-slab.
2007-12-29I could prophesy if I wanted to.
2007-12-28No use regretting things that never were.
2007-12-27Assassination is someone’s justice.
2007-12-26I will not lie, this is going to hurt.
2007-12-25We want victory, some kind of finish.
2007-12-24Jesus doesn’t love you unless you pay.
2007-12-23Something fell out of the sky and hurt you.
2007-12-22Mulberry Road, the common term would be fate.
2007-12-21Piggies tied to a stick in winter-time.
2007-12-20You will not let me in, so I haunt you.
2007-12-19I used to love that, music, That’s All Folks!
2007-12-18I would like to get you out of my mind.
2007-12-17If I were a horse they would shoot me dead.
2007-12-16I see the back of your head everywhere.
2007-12-15He has no idea how much I love him.
2007-12-14You murder me with your plagiarism.
2007-12-13If only I wasn’t losing my rage.
2007-12-12There is a blank! there is a day-long blank!
2007-12-11If I wasn’t poised I would be poisoned.
2007-12-10This is a good way of remembering.
2007-12-09How can we barter away our friendship?
2007-12-08I wept when you left, you will never know.
2007-12-07My culture breaks in and there is silence.
2007-12-06Among all the slackers, you are flotsam.
2007-12-05Over-eager to please, deficiency.
2007-12-04Tell me something I don’t know but want to.
2007-12-03Some of these kids are going to survive.
2007-12-02I would storm your green hill and citadel.
2007-12-01My favourite month. The idea of world peace.
2007-11-30To you I am a chicken with giblets.
2007-11-29Blake on a Thursday, always a Thursday.
2007-11-28I avoided him because he was she.
2007-11-27This is the way we divvy up the world.
2007-11-26Strategic Planning, you must be joking!
2007-11-25Once I am in they will crucify me.
2007-11-24To me she is a portal to the stars.
2007-11-23So many people, so little meaning.
2007-11-22The universe and you are expanding.
2007-11-21Give me a red pen and loads of whiskey.
2007-11-20Romulus and Remus, bloody suckers!
2007-11-19They just don’t get it, me and no monkeys.
2007-11-18I am in love with insignificance.
2007-11-17Galway is pleasant and full of windows.
2007-11-16If it’s not important, leave it at home.
2007-11-15Soon there will be one big tidal wave there.
2007-11-14He thinks he is in control, poor bastard!
2007-11-13All that fuss about a man who writes books.
2007-11-12Heaven was constructed for memory.
2007-11-11I cried today, but they were not my tears.
2007-11-10Lots of things hurt but still need to happen.
2007-11-09She wants me gone, she wants to be alone.
2007-11-08Three thousand years in the blink of an eye.
2007-11-07Spring in November, the joys of the end.
2007-11-06I would give you my eyes, if that would help.
2007-11-05You’ve been dreaming about your teeth again.
2007-11-04It was a sting! It was a public fart!
2007-11-03She is a weapon I could detonate.
2007-11-02I am on the edge of a warm abyss.
2007-11-01I don’t recognize this geography.
2007-10-31It’s getting dangerous to walk back home.
2007-10-30Do not peep into other people’s rooms.
2007-10-29Have I supplied enough aphorisms?
2007-10-28My right leg was drunk, but we were happy.
2007-10-27And the problem is the pig enjoys it.
2007-10-26That was 1980, and it still hurts.
2007-10-25Sometimes, son, you just have to eat something.
2007-10-24Wrestle with the pig and you end in shit.
2007-10-23America is on fire now, of course.
2007-10-22He is the man who invented silence.
2007-10-21I dreamt of blindness in her daughter’s bed.
2007-10-20I am tired and I am getting careless.
2007-10-19Tie a pink ribbon round him, he’s perfect!
2007-10-18That small scratch of water that caused such spite.
2007-10-17I wouldn’t know what to do with my hands.
2007-10-16No, not subjective, no universal.
2007-10-15If you get sick you get a holiday.
2007-10-14They do not understand, and why should they?
2007-10-13Essex was always an accusation.
2007-10-12All our joys and woes want repetition.
2007-10-11From space, light pollution gives you freedom.
2007-10-10China is busy opening discos.
2007-10-09Aung San Suu Kyi must go back to dreaming.
2007-10-08Everyone’s washed their hands. How hygienic!
2007-10-07You cannot go blind looking at the stars.
2007-10-06My brother’s name is Howard. My brother.
2007-10-05I’ve never even been to Warrington.
2007-10-04This is the way we obliterate truth.
2007-10-03You have children, so you know how it goes.
2007-10-02She is fat, fresh-faced, and a no-hoper.
2007-10-01Don’t you know that short cuts are the prime cuts?
2007-09-30‘Someone put a bomb under you,’ she said.
2007-09-29I love foraging, that’s what I do.
2007-09-28Everything has got somewhat out of gear.
2007-09-27Here we go again, excuses and shite.
2007-09-26She vomited before giving her talk.
2007-09-25There are too many exclamation marks!
2007-09-24If I get pissed every night, I’m famous.
2007-09-23There is something here that you are missing.
2007-09-22My Italian briefs are still sexy.
2007-09-21Ratatat-tat, ratatat-tat, you’re dead.
2007-09-20This university is an addict!
2007-09-19She knows that I fantasize about her.
2007-09-18Prescription: ten syllables every day.
2007-09-17I miss the basilica we consumed.
2007-09-16Little piggy eyes and venomous tongue.
2007-09-15All that’s missing for me is tomorrow.
2007-09-14Cold and frosty? you’d better believe it!
2007-09-13In the morning I am a cross-dresser.
2007-09-12Kiss me again and we will call it quits.
2007-09-11These people do not know I have returned.
2007-09-10They had called off the search a while ago.
2007-09-09Time is not accelerating, we are!
2007-09-08Running poisons the body with poison.
2007-09-07The Alps on your right are now well behaved.
2007-09-06‘I, you, me?’ ‘Why hell! We are elastic’
2007-09-05How many insects did I kill this year?
2007-09-04Michael Moore is far too fat to be un-.
2007-09-03Stan was the man with a plan, now he’s lost.
2007-09-02Wake me up when September is over.
2007-09-01Berries from hedges, an acidic taste.
2007-08-31Mister Moretti and I are firm friends.
2007-08-30I have oiled all the wrong parts of your bike.
2007-08-29If you want something that’s profound, go fuck!
2007-08-28‘Is it raining, love?’ ‘No, it’s just dripping.’
2007-08-27Little doggies keep pissing on our plants.
2007-08-26Ontology seeps out of the landscape.
2007-08-25You won’t see this place for ice in the end.
2007-08-24I am beginning to have a future.
2007-08-23Pornography for kids, books for adults.
2007-08-22The weather has changed and so has my mind.
2007-08-21Sweet lago of poetry and spectres.
2007-08-20I wish just once I could show you the stars.
2007-08-19Ferragosto is just a memory.
2007-08-18Yes, I get it! Mobile phones are useful!
2007-08-17Italia is somewhat different.
2007-08-16There are no points that could count her for me.
2007-08-15So much alcohol I fell off my bike.
2007-08-14He had Mussolini in his pocket.
2007-08-13The teenagers walk past me in silence.
2007-08-12Round the lake, victorious, defeated.
2007-08-11Gilchrist made me cry, it went noticed.
2007-08-10Mosquitoes are eating me for breakfast.
2007-08-09That little baby boy is in my dreams.
2007-08-08Storm clouds over this day of memory.
2007-08-07And I can say today was worth living.
2007-08-06Problem is, I was built for partying.
2007-08-05Don’t say amore unless you mean it.
2007-08-04Viareggio, human sausages.
2007-08-03Nothing with the stink of moralism.
2007-08-02Blake goes beyond even the core of me.
2007-08-01We’re going round in a pleasant circle.
2007-07-31Back again to our home from home from home.
2007-07-30When young I would have dreamt of being him.
2007-07-29He spoke like a broken man whose found love.
2007-07-28The victims of nepotism and me.
2007-07-27If I were a politician I’d bleed.
2007-07-26We must all adapt to pornography.
2007-07-25She knew I had seen her indiscretion.
2007-07-24Time decelerates when you record it.
2007-07-23Maybe I will choose to die in this place.
2007-07-22The new house allows me to see my teeth.
2007-07-21The jet stream’s lost its sense of direction.
2007-07-20I could not stop looking at her ankles.
2007-07-19Enemy Blair, he will be your friend now.
2007-07-18Microwaves, an excuse for parenting.
2007-07-17Harry Potter film, evil soundly stuffed.
2007-07-16I’ve thrown all the holy water away.
2007-07-15I am house painting, I am not thinking.
2007-07-14I must not become obsessed with nose hair.
2007-07-13From here, this city is full of insects.
2007-07-12Weddings depress the hell out of me.
2007-07-11The book is posted and I am empty.
2007-07-10So long as there is wine and blank paper.
2007-07-09Her form distracts my professional care.
2007-07-08I will let this house tell me how to live.
2007-07-07One giant city, a forgotten star.
2007-07-06Other creatures have lived here, some happy.
2007-07-05Poetry is what comes after madness.
2007-07-04Being taught is a civilised voodoo.
2007-07-03We’ve moved into bourgeois, drug-dealer land.
2007-07-02I can do anything, if I switch off.
2007-07-01They turn the lights off and the city sleeps.
2007-06-30Could you not destroy something meaningful?
2007-06-29I would take his poems but keep my face.
2007-06-28Angel-face is gone, everyone knows it.
2007-06-27Cut, cut, cut, as the new day starts to show.
2007-06-26My stomach has the voice of a reptile.
2007-06-25He whom we abdicated from has gone.
2007-06-24England is sinking and nobody cares.
2007-06-23Up to her hip-bone in wet resentment.
2007-06-22I will marry and bury my students.
2007-06-21A little and often makes little nil.
2007-06-20When was it I forgot to make omelettes?
2007-06-19If you wait long enough it will arrive.
2007-06-18Sometimes the sheep and the goats coalesce.
2007-06-17The people who need Freud choose History.
2007-06-16I have a chance of becoming spectral.
2007-06-15There must be another place sans bigots.
2007-06-14Democracy seems less and less like sense.
2007-06-13They were the wave on which he chose to surf.
2007-06-12Hannibal’s pissed warrior elephants.
2007-06-11I love you, but you make me want to scream.
2007-06-10The little kitten thinks I am boring.
2007-06-09I bought two dozen eggs. An explosion.
2007-06-08I would be the nightmare that made him mad.
2007-06-07Hollywood is Nero, the furnace, us.
2007-06-06Corruption: profit from your negligence.
2007-06-05The birds that remain are frightened, subdued.
2007-06-04Top-man cannot read the script they wrote him.
2007-06-03The Six Days War, a slight understatement.
2007-06-02My body is giving me new ideas.
2007-06-01I am not having a mid-life crisis.
2007-05-31Still singing their guts out, the boys who lost.
2007-05-30Survival, greed. Watch them square the circle.
2007-05-29‘This isn’t as difficult as it looks.’
2007-05-28Next door’s dog has always got a hard on.
2007-05-27If Kate Moss asked me, I wouldn’t say no.
2007-05-26When the lights are off, who am I to you?
2007-05-25Here come back the old new modernizers.
2007-05-24I looked at my hands, they were tarred with blood.
2007-05-23Tonight she is our greatest victory.
2007-05-22We are moving from the top of the hill.
2007-05-21Give me a place where there’s silence and love.
2007-05-20He gave her back her clothes and spat on them.
2007-05-19She was just someone who didn’t exist.
2007-05-18My original plan was decadence.
2007-05-17I am a microcosm. I am fucked!
2007-05-16Supermarket lamb one, butcher’s lamb nil.
2007-05-15She looked at me as if she understood.
2007-05-14His shirt was humming from the night before.
2007-05-13Others help you learn to love those you love.
2007-05-12Stock check the accuracy of your maths.
2007-05-11When it comes to fruit, I am embarrassed.
2007-05-10This sub-division in order to love.
2007-05-09And if there could be a kind of breathing.
2007-05-08I would pull the whole world down to a verb.
2007-05-07Contempt of angel-face, hiding the news.
2007-05-06The fingers in my mouth have betrayed me.
2007-05-05I miss the music because of madness.
2007-05-04Show me the place where I am not observed.
2007-05-03‘Whatever floats your boat,’ an ugly phrase.
2007-05-02I drink for purely religious reasons.
2007-05-01That kind of haircut makes everyone sad.
2007-04-30Always the chance of a better version.
2007-04-29Do they talk about her behind my back.
2007-04-28Whilst I was away I caused a schism.
2007-04-27The dunces cap rises over their roofs.
2007-04-26Somebody pulled us into the Tropics.
2007-04-25Since this counting, nothing like a poem.
2007-04-24My life is an adventure in friendship.
2007-04-23I fell asleep reading The Odyssey.
2007-04-22Foreign, familiar city of dreams.
2007-04-21I just want to get off this plane alive!
2007-04-20She kissed me on the mouth, like my mother.
2007-04-19If they criticise you it means they care.
2007-04-18You are my friend, behind my seeing eyes.
2007-04-17If I were dumb would you still wave to me?
2007-04-16The horizon of his world, and a gun.
2007-04-15This is all rather metaphysical.
2007-04-14I can’t keep up with this day upon day.
2007-04-13Reality is other peoples’ lives.
2007-04-12Abstinence makes the body grow fonder.
2007-04-11At the end of the day it is just flesh.
2007-04-10Structure, sign and play is getting closer.
2007-04-09The days go by and I do not notice.
2007-04-08The moon is my friend and my enemy.
2007-04-07Desertification of the spirit.
2007-04-06I should be banned, I am full of toxins.
2007-04-05This is our Vietnam, without revolt.
2007-04-04Talking from the inside of you, as you.
2007-04-03To be a poet you must be a snake.
2007-04-02I have moments of clarity, they pass.
2007-04-01I wish I were a ghost, pure consciousness.
2007-03-31All my life this yawning gap in the chest.
2007-03-30I cannot sing without closing my eyes.
2007-03-29Playground scraps over invisible lines.
2007-03-28You come back and remind me that you left.
2007-03-27Sometimes seconds are years, minutes aeons.
2007-03-26Like two stars make a structure of the moon.
2007-03-25The sea would be a sweet place to return.
2007-03-24He smelt of suede jackets and Sunday roast.
2007-03-23To me her voice is a barometer.
2007-03-22My skin touches my skin and she is here.
2007-03-21Because we couldn’t talk, telepathy.
2007-03-20In my teaching there are some casualties.
2007-03-19When it comes to birth, I am a sucker!
2007-03-18From the door to the table, it has gone.
2007-03-17Nothing of this was supposed to happen.
2007-03-16I have fallen off the edge of the world.
2007-03-15Noise is incapable of novelty.
2007-03-14A bad lecture, like dropping your trousers.
2007-03-13All the young women imprison their teeth.
2007-03-12Responsibility is optional.
2007-03-11His books smell like a school-boy’s uniform.
2007-03-10Pain in my body does not reach my face.
2007-03-09When precisely did the world become mad?
2007-03-08That house, where we made love, has been pulled down.
2007-03-07The radicals are now conservative.
2007-03-06Walter Scott, why have I neglected you?
2007-03-05Rain, rain, rain. Somebody left the tap on.
2007-03-04He was asleep, I was not mistaken.
2007-03-03I am learning the power in silence.
2007-03-02If it rains again tomorrow, I quit!
2007-03-01Heaven would have to include all the stars.
2007-02-28Feed your system with garlic and ginger.
2007-02-27They know no Bible, I must forgive them.
2007-02-26A snail on the wheelie-bin as I smoke.
2007-02-25Something has shifted. Something has gone right.
2007-02-24Croke Park. We are giving up ghosts for Lent.
2007-02-23I am sleeping and you are a symbol.
2007-02-22Dublin doesn’t care about you or me.
2007-02-21Celtic Tiger. Sooty face, Versace.
2007-02-20If you don’t want to play then don’t turn up!
2007-02-19The old moon lying in the new moon’s arms.
2007-02-18I’ve finished a chapter, I will survive!
2007-02-17Never experiment in the kitchen!
2007-02-16The book arrived. It’s large, wordy and dead.
2007-02-15Do not drive to work! Do not drive to work!
2007-02-14Sometimes I am almost hungry for food.
2007-02-13My head is full of poems that won’t work.
2007-02-12Your addictions and the end of the world.
2007-02-11The sun has crept nearer, it’s almost Spring.
2007-02-10I’ve bought new poetry. I won’t read it.
2007-02-09Sometimes I am as happy as I need.
2007-02-08Vomiting, virus, early spring detox.
2007-02-07You are at least, at best, an obsessive.
2007-02-06I hate this place! I fucking hate this place!
2007-02-05If only the sleep thing were optional.
2007-02-04Italiano, non ho capito.
2007-02-03Lessons in everything, apart from trust.
2007-02-02There is too much violence in my body.
2007-02-01The cat looks around this house and sees ghosts.
2007-01-31Basra, Baghdad, Tikrit, a hell on earth.
2007-01-30She knew her words would rattle in my head.
2007-01-29He met my eyes, his executioner.
2007-01-28You are not as random as this suggests.
2007-01-27She smiled at me and I was in Heaven.
2007-01-26Saturday is a brilliant idea!
2007-01-25It may well be that I’m completely wrong.
2007-01-24I could not remember the date today.
2007-01-23I cling to the sanity of others.
2007-01-22Engineered voice of writing, say who speaks.
2007-01-21Stack up the sentences like dead bodies.
2007-01-20Poetry deserts every sinking ship.
2007-01-19I am obsessed with natural disasters.
2007-01-18I will encrypt my history in this.
2007-01-17Maybe if I stuck to quality wines.
2007-01-16Must stop hating America so much.
2007-01-15People seem to think I’m an oddity.
2007-01-14Sundays were once hell, now they don’t happen.
2007-01-13My parents are growing old, somewhere else.
2007-01-12Hospitals, a foretaste of what’s to come.
2007-01-11The spark of something collective, heart-stop.
2007-01-10Ingénue students, a ‘drop-in’ session.
2007-01-09Meetings all day with spectres and phantoms.
2007-01-08Have I drunk all my memory away?
2007-01-07I would rather have my two legs cut off!
2007-01-06Pyramid boy will come and rub you out.
2007-01-05I cannot stop thinking about her face.
2007-01-04She’s fallen in love; clearly she hasn’t.
2007-01-03I have written a poem, it will do.
2007-01-02If I could only get up earlier!
2007-01-01Dedicatory or else sepulchral.
2006-12-31New Year, a conservative invention.
2006-12-30Today’s achievement, a sparkling toilet.
2006-12-29Sometime in the new year the fags will go.
2006-12-28I will say only one and the same thing.
2006-12-27I am as fat as a pig in its shit.
2006-12-26Body, mind, for me that’s insufficient.
2006-12-25Christmas is like falling into a pit.
2006-12-24If I had the courage I would shoplift.
2006-12-23My birthday again, I’m still on the ride.